Mother’s Day Recap: Alone On Mother’s Day

Okay, I wasn’t ALONE on Mother’s Day, I was with MY mother.

mom shopping

My sassy mom on our shopping spree.

But I didn’t have the kids, or the dog, or the husband. I didn’t have to wake up early, limit my wine intake (bwahahaha!), or argue about how many episodes of Sofia the First were allowed.

I didn’t need to make a bowl of cheerio’s only to dump it out because, “that’s NOT what I asked for!” and make a bowl of oatmeal instead. I woke up at my leisure, got my coffee, my pile of magazines, and my laptop without anyone grabbing for it saying, “can I play a game?”


In the afternoon I read a magazine STRAIGHT THROUGH without interruption. Oh, wait, scratch that. My dad interrupted me to ask if I wanted a glass of wine. And yes, this is considered an interruption because OF COURSE I want a glass of wine!

I sat down for AN ENTIRE MEAL. In a RESTAURANT! The only person I had to help pee was myself.

I sat out in the sun on our beautiful dock without worrying someone was going to fall into the water.

happy place

I went for an awesome walk on the boardwalk with my mom and didn’t have to stop and wait while a kiddo rode one of those horsie rides and beg for candy.

walk with mom

And since no one was there to beg for every possible thing in the candy store, we went in the candy store and got something for ourselves!

I saw a dog in a hat in a fancy car. All of a sudden I feel as if I have entered some weird Dr. Seuss parallel universe. “Do you like my hat?” “No, I do not like your hat!”


dog in hat

I got ice cream. And didn’t share. Well, I did share. But I shared with someone that knows that when you share an ice cream cone you don’t smoosh your whole face up into it.

I did call my hubby to see how the kiddo’s were doing and this is what I got in return:

unhappy sarah

I did not call him again.

I do not feel guilty about my getaway. I do not feel bad that I chose to have some time to myself without my kids. I needed the time to refresh and have some of my OWN mommy time.

My girls were of course on my mind. They got treats when I returned.



Sarah was banned from wearing clothes the rest of the evening after her bath because she was so darn filthy. I’d rather hose her off than create more laundry!

I came home ready to spend some quality time with my kids. I am a firm believer that mom’s deserve some good ole fashion time away. It helps you be a better mom. It helps you be a better person. It helps you stay out of the local sanatorium.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Did anyone get a great gift…or an awesomely bad one? Leave your story in the comments!

Have a great crazy day!

My Mother's Day Spent Alone


17 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Recap: Alone On Mother’s Day

  1. I want your story! What a great day. It’s a perfect gift for a mother – a refreshed mother = happy household!

    • Thanks! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day, as well as a great anniversary! You might notice, that as you and I have the same anniversary, that I also spent time alone for that celebration!

    • I know! When mom’s call from out of town, dads need to be all “everything’s great sweetie!” even if they are in the process of calling fire and rescue because your kids head is stuck in the bannister.

  2. That sounds like an awesome Mother’s Day to me!! My husband mostly kept the kids out of my hair for the day, which was nice. Plus 2/3 of them are old enough to know they have to be extra nice to me for the day.

  3. Sounds lovely!! Moms definitely deserve some time away occasionally and you should’t feel guilty for one single second! Thanks for linking up with #TuesdayTen!

  4. Last year, I had my husband take my son out without me. It was awesome, but I kinda missed them. This year wasn’t bad – I slept in and we all went to the zoo. HAHA to banning clothing because hello! Hosing off is so much easier than laundry!

    • I missed my kids, too- not as much after he sent me the picture! Payback is a bitch though, which I experienced last night (check out that post).
      Hose/bath- is there a difference? 😉

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