house ready

We can now breath a sigh of relief. Once we get the home inspection completed, we are home free.

No more making sure everything is hidden away for potential buyer visits during the day.

No more eating out every night.

No more obsessing about comps and escalation and contingencies.

No more stalking my poor realtor via text about how things are going. Now I will just text her to see if she wants to come over for wine.

In 3 1/2 weeks Pi’s brothers will fly down and we will begin our move. Our first weekend will begin with family helping us out, hanging out for beers and grilling, cousins playing in the backyard.

In 3 1/2 weeks we move to our new house, which will become our home. Our “forever” house where our kids will grow up and go to school, where we will build holiday traditions, hang out with friends and spend time as a family.

We will move to our new home where our children will lose their first tooth, learn to ride their bikes and build forts in the backyard..

We will have space for family and friends to come visit, hang out and drink wine, sit around a big table and have celebratory dinners.

I have a kitchen where I can teach my kids to bake, more surfaces to get messy with flour.

We will have space for a Christmas tree and a fire place to hang stockings.

We will have a yard for Easter egg hunts.

We have a porch for haunting trick or treaters.

We have our home.

Have a great crazy day!


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