Weekend In Review: Girly, Covered in Mud

My 2 Girls

This photo is a wonderful juxtaposition of my weekend: it was girly, covered in mud.

This weekend Mahlie had her first dance recital and after being a bit touch and go due to her being sick on Friday, she felt better and was able to perform. She was a bit nervous at first, but I gave her a kiss and told her, “go for it!”

Okay, y’all know how first dance recitals go. There were a group of absolutely adorable girls doing just about nothing that their dance teachers were modeling for them on the side. And they looked wonderful. And they had smiles galore, which is the whole point, right? For us, it was incredible to see how far this shy girl has come. I knew she was having a good time because she spent most of her time up there waving to me, biggest grin ever pasted on her face. It was beautiful to see. There was a lot of dust in that place, kept making my eyes water….

After the dance recital we went back to my parents house and since it was beautiful out I sent both girls outside. Wouldn’t you know it, they found the one puddle, or “small pond” as Mahlie was calling it, in the expansive back yard. Mahlie isn’t really fond of getting too dirty, but Sarah…she literally dove right in. At first I was all “OMG no you’re going to get all muddy!” and then I checked myself and remembered all the days I came home with feet, face and clothes caked in mud and dirt. I then grabbed my camera (of course!) and said, “go for it.” And boy did she ever, and had a great time getting caked in mud and dirt.

Both my girls love tutu’s and mud, and I am totally fine with that. Mahlie loves to run around and collect worms, sometimes wearing a tutu doing it. Sarah loves to wrestle her sister, and will often end up the winner, sitting atop her sister’s head. But she also looks darn cute in butterfly hair clips.

I am trying my best to let my girls be kids and give them fun experiences. You want ballet classes? Sure! You want toy trucks and cars? Sure!

I love them when they are dressed up as much as when they are caked in mud. I’m just a bit more careful giving them hugs in the mud phase!

Got any good messy stories for me? Would love to hear from you!

Have a great crazy day!


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