I Don’t Need Pity, But I Do Need A Big Ass Glass Of Wine

I am one of those “every dark cloud has a silver lining/glass is half full” type persons. I am that annoying person that always sees the positive in everything, that remains calm in the eye of the storm, pictures the best case scenario. It drives my “worst case scenario” husband crazy. He’s pulling out his hair, I’m sitting back on the couch, casually gulping  sipping my wine saying, “It’ll be fine.”

Well, these past few weeks has severely challenged my life view. I, at the end of all this, may just join my brother, “The Optimist”, in the “let it rust” camp, the phrase he used when he was having difficulties riding a bike at age 5 and threw it to the ground in a fit of impatience.

Don’t get me wrong- I am far from being in any dire situation. I have a job. My kids are healthy. I have a roof over my head.

Well, at least TODAY I do. I shouldn’t say that out loud.

See, the minute we decided to sell our house and move, all those silver linings in the dark clouds fell out. The half full cup spilled onto the floor and the eye of the storm turned into a spek and finally disappeared all together, while the storm itself turned into a hurricane.

Our water pipes burst and we had a waterfall going down our front steps. 7 different plumbers said they wouldn’t need to tear up the concrete slab or any of the hardwood floors. Well, thank goodness we have a friend that can repair hardwood floors and that the repair of the concrete slab was part of our contract with the plumber we hired.

When everything was fixed, a new leak popped up and flooded the kitchen.

When that was fixed, we had a swarm of bugs in the back yard that, for an hour or so, resembled a scene from Hitchcock’s The Birds. We were supposed to have realtors come with potential buyers the next day. In the virtual tour is described our back patio as an “oasis”. Well, I am not sure a flock of birds swooping down in a feeding frenzy is in that definition.

While all this is going on at home, major network outages at work kept Pi up late at night, only to wake up at the crack ass of dawn to get the kids out the door WITHOUT LEAVING A MESS before house appointments started. In the evenings, totally exhausted, we’d head off to eat dinner out.  Tired kids and parents with little patience in reserve are not good dinner companions. I am sorry, local restaurants.

While we finally found a day camp for Mahlie on her day off Friday, I get a call mid-morning on Thursday “She’s sick!”. I have no house to take her back to, so I have to pack up and take her 45 minutes away to my parents house. She’s got her first dance recital tomorrow and all she wants to do is get up there in her “pretty, pretty, fancy” outfit. She’ refuses to let us take her temp because in her 4 year old brain, if we can’t take her temp, we can’t tell her she needs to stay home from her recital.

Nothing a healthy bribe of ice cream couldn’t fix.

Today is a new day though. My mom called and Sweets is feeling better and has no temp. Our house has had a lot of interest and a lot of foot traffic so far, so we are feeling good going into the open house this weekend. It’s supposed to be a nice weekend, so we can fill out days with outdoors activities instead of seeking shelter with 2 kids inside all day from torrential downpours.

Today is a new day, and the silver linings are looking a bit brighter, I’ve filled up my cup, and the storm seems to have dissipated.

I sat down with a big ass glass of wine, put my feet up, let out a big sigh.

I’m glad I didn’t “let it rust”.

Have a great crazy day!





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