Why Are You Here? Why Am I Here?

Don’t think this is going to be some existential kinda post. Hardly. But I’ve seemingly got a whole host of new people reading me! What?

This week has been chaos to the extreme. Trying to get our house ready for sale has tested our patience and will to live. Okay, maybe not that extreme. But we’ve run into more than our fair share of challenges in this process.

I’d saved up some ideas so that I wouldn’t be completely absent on my blog as often happens when I get crazy busy. I didn’t do much visiting of my favorite writers, wasn’t very active on my other social media accounts, and didn’t really check in that often to see how things were going.

Imagine my surprise when I did finally check in an my average page views were double what they typically are. Where did you all come from? Why are you here? Don’t get me wrong, I love it!

Then I checked in and saw that one of my favorite bloggers, This Is Mommyhood, featured my blog in one of her posts.

So THAT’s why y’all are here! She rocks! See her over at http://www.thisismommyhood.com. (My computer is refusing to add hyperlinks this morning, sorry- I am too crazed to try and fix that right now).

Now that This Is Mommyhood helped you get here, I’m hoping to keep you here.

Some days I sit down and wonder why I am here. I started this blog because I wanted to remember how crazy wonderful my life is as a mom. I wanted to share my experiences starting a family and all the chaos that brings with it.

If one week I write something that resonates with readers and it gets hundreds of views and shared around the webiverse, that is wonderful.

If other weeks the only person that reads it is my cousin Maureen (because she has read and “liked” EVERY. SINGLE. POST. I have ever written- mwah!) and my mom, then that is great.

Most weeks I get out around 3 posts. Other times 1, if I’m lucky. I write when I have something to write about. I don’t keep deadlines. I don’t beat myself up if I don’t write as much as I planned. I’m not in this to get rich and famous. Though can I say getting published isn’t a dream of mine? That would be awesome.

I don’t have a grand plan for this blog. My idea was to have fun, have these stories for my kids when they get older to laugh at and hopefully appreciate (hence no real potty type stories and um, no personal intimate stories involving my husband. NOT THAT THERE ARE ANY, MOM! Except those 2 times.)

While I love my blog, I’m busy working full time and keeping 2 kids alive and healthy so I don’t have all the bells and whistles a lot of sites have.

But that is okay. I have a lot to write about because my family is crazy. In a good way, but crazy none the less.

Still interested? I’ll be updating my About Me page since it was last updated a year ago, but you can also fine me over at twitter, @thevoltz2000 and Instagram @thevoltz2000. I am more active over there on the weekends.

I can also be found at Pinterest under My Special Kind of Crazy.

There, that’ll keep you busy!

Thanks for coming! Have a great crazy day!




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