One House, Two House, Old House, New House

Pit BeforeSo this happened. Yes, that is a big pit where our front yard used to be. Typically I roll with the punches and any ordinary day I’d be saying, “Oh well, it happens.”

But this happened to “be happening” right before we were supposed to be listing our house on the market. Like, the week before.

Do you know how many people want to look at a house that has a pit for a front yard? Yep, exactly 0.

The weekend we were to go to the Outer Banks to relax while our realtors did all the work during our Open House turned into the weekend my husband spent getting people to come in and tear up the house while I took the kids by myself to the cold and windy Outer Banks.

We needed to get the water pipes repaired, any dry wall repaired and repainted (we just had the entire inside painted, so of course), wood floors repaired, front yard filled in and landscaped. In one week.


Oh, and still go to work and watch the kids.

But you know what:

house readyGet me that bottle of wine, y’all, it’s been a busy week!

Have a great crazy day!

ps- and if you know anyone that wants a 2 bedroom on Capitol Hill, I know a place that’s had a lot of work done lately and is in pristine shape!!!


3 thoughts on “One House, Two House, Old House, New House

  1. The DAY of our buyer’s appraisal we ran over before work to turn on the water only to discover a pipe had burst in the master bathroom. AND the inspection was four days later. Everything went (relatively) well, but the day we sign this house over cannot get here soon enough.

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