Friday’s Photo Finish: What’s In A Child’s Mind

Have you ever wondered, “Am I doing a good job?” or “I wonder if my kids even know what we’ve been talking about.”

The answer is, “yes, you are” and “yes, they do.”

Last week Mahlie’s school sent home her writing journal. It’s really her drawings, then the teacher asks her about it and writes whatever she tells him.

This first picture answers my question about doing a good job as a mom:

journal 2

“My mom makes my home comfortable”


As a mom you always want home to be a nice, safe place for your kids. A place they want to be. Seeing this in her journal gave me a pretty warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It started to spread when I saw the next picture, which answers my questions about kids knowing what we are talking about:

"Doing Evan's Favorite Things"

“Doing Evan’s Favorite Things”

I always wonder if Mahlie remembers Evan, since she was only 3 when he passed away. We make a point of talking about him, especially all the things he liked to do, which included fireworks, and the family is in agreement that this drawing is most certainly red fireworks (his favorite color).

Looking through her journal there are other drawings that really do give you a glimpse into how she is feeling. There is a picture of 4 people sitting on a sofa done in red and blue titled: “Watching the super bowl with my family”.

Another is a person with a sad face titled: “I was sad as I fell in the sky in my dream”. So, that dream we all have that we’re falling? Starts early, it seems!

Another is titled: “I feel happy when I find my lamb” which is her lovey.

And then my favorite is blue circles colored yellow titled:

“I love corn” and she has spelled it “Korn” under it.

And she does, indeed, love corn!

Do you have pictures that you kids have drawn that you’ll be keeping?


Have a great crazy day!


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo Finish: What’s In A Child’s Mind

  1. Those pictures are so sweet! I love getting a peek into my kids’ minds when I read their stories or look at their drawings. My daughter’s easel is in my office, and right now I’m watching her draw. Makes my heart happy.

    • It’s fun, isn’t it? Until they show you a picture and say, “that’s you when you wake up in the morning” and the page is filled with scribble. Accurate though! 😉

  2. When my son was 5 he created a book a full 8 months after we’d gone on a work camp with my parents’ church detailing everything that went on that week. It was amazing to see the week from his perspective.

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