The Adoration Of A Little Girl…

It doesn’t take much for a little girl to become enamored with an older girl. It could be a neighbor, a cousin, the daughter of a friend.

It starts off with introductions; the little girl shyly saying “hi” so quiet you can barely hear it, hiding behind her too long bangs.

It continues with side glances, the little girl keeping an eye on the older girls every more.

The little girl then starts getting closer. Asking questions. Watching what she’s doing. Spending time just being near her.

It continues with the little girl following her, like a shadow struggling to keep up, intermittently calling out, “wait for me!”

It grows into the little girl asking her to watch her favorite movie with her. When the older girl agrees and they are sharing a sofa together cuddled up in blankets and pillows, you can’t help but notice the little girl smile from ear to ear.

The little girl begins to be more comfortable. She asks lots of questions. The older girl patiently answers. Every question.

The little girl begins to slightly infringe on the older girls space. When sitting down at the dinner table, she pushes her chair next to the older girls so they are touching. The older girl looks at her mom with a slightly nervous look on her face that says, “save me please” written all over it. But she smiles at the little girl.

The little girl is now happily able to express exactly how much she loves this older girl she just met this weekend by giving her multiple hugs, each one lasting just a fraction too long. The last hug the mom of the little girl has to intervene lest she squeeze the life out of the older girl.

The Mom: “Just let me know if she is bothering you.”

Older Girl: “She’s fine.”

Bless all you older girls. Bless you for your patience with the younger girls that adore you because you are you. You are who they look up to. You are who they admire, want to be with, want to be like. You have their adoration, and bless you for accepting it.

Thanks older girl. And thanks older girl’s mom, for sharing her with my little girl.


Little girl and Older girl dyeing eggs. Little girl saved eggs just for her.





2 thoughts on “The Adoration Of A Little Girl…

  1. Nice! It does happen that way. Wait until Mahlie and Sarah Jane(I’ll always use her middle name) reach this stage.

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