Things Are Pretty Normal Here: Our Yard Is Flooded, We Bought A House And Sarah Took A Digger

You’d think being home all day on “vacation” I’d have time to catch up with my blog.

Well, reality has other plans.

In between taking care of a flooded yard and buying a house, I’ve managed to supervise my child so well she took a digger headfirst off a patio chair, scraping the bejesus out of her forehead. First thing I did- take a picture.

NO- not to post on FB! Well, I did, but not until later. I first sent it to the director of her day care so that when they saw her all banged up they wouldn’t run and call CFSA. That’s the last thing we need right now.

Well, actually the last thing we need right now is a flooded front yard from a busted water pipe. Oh, wait. That has happened.

But the good news is- and what is keeping me more preoccupied than twitter and Pinterest (okay, maybe not Pinterest)- our offer on a house was accepted!

I actually have more reason to spend hours browsing Pinterest for all the ways I could decorate our new house… but never will. Pinterest is sort of like evidence that you THOUGHT about decorating, so that counts a little bit, right? So when people ask for pictures of my house, if you just end up getting a bunch of pins from Pinterest, know that is what the house SHOULD look like, but was just never gotten around to.

It’s the thought that counts. But I am getting way ahead of myself… we still have a bunch of papers to sign and things to do and people to call and talk about things I pretend to understand.

Exciting all the same.

So, I am taking Sarah to get her overdue MMR shot (because she’s been sick the last 2 times I’ve taken her to get it, not because I am against them or the shot schedule- VACCINATE YOUR KIDS!), then we are going to dye the brown eggs I hardboiled, and then we are headed to the Outer Banks for a few days of rest and relaxation. Except Pi is no longer coming because, well apparently buying a house makes you CRAZY busy. So I’ll be by myself. With 2 kids. So scratch the “rest and relaxation” and add “chaos in a different environment with a hot tub”. I am going to be with my friend Ester and her family, which I am sure they are very excited for our arrival because the last time I vacationed with them they had to repaint a room.

Anyways, things are normal around here, which means all is chaotic and crazy. I am preoccupied and need to get back to Pinterest. Those “casual patio spaces” and “entry way ideas” are not going to pin themselves.

Have a great crazy day!




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