Jaws Could Be Living In My Front Yard

Welcome to home ownership.

That is what my mom said when I gave her the news.

Let me back up. For those of you that don’t know, we are moving. Yay!  Which means packing and boxes and lifting and painting. Ugh.

Things have been rolling right along. We met with our wonderful realtors Crystal and Desiree and set up a timeline of when things needed to be done. A stager came in and told us exactly what we needed to do to get the house ready to show in an open house.

We were on it!

Our mortgage money lender guy (technical term, I am sure), Rich, has been way awesome and we’ve got our loan approved and underwritten. YAY! We love Rich!

We’ve packed up 80% of our belongings, we’re living amongst boxes and painting tarps, Sarah is finding new and exctingly dangerous objects to put in her mouth every day. The house is looking AWESOME and then….

You know that scene in Jaws, where Quinn comes in to grab everyone’s attention and their conversation comes to a screeching halt?

Jaws Could Be Living In My Front YardWe noticed a puddle of water. Mahlie said, “Oh, that’s where I watered the plants and I spilled some, so I did that.”

The puddle got bigger. It had not been raining.

Today, that puddle has turned into the Niagra Falls of water pipe leaks and my front yard has enough water for a koi pond. Or Jaws, because he is way more destructive, and if we need to have done what they say we need to have done, it’s going to be destructive.

Our plans have come to a blackboard screeching halt.

And that’s when my mom said, “welcome to home ownership” closely followed by “oh my gosh how is your husband!?” when I gave her the estimate we were quoted.

Welcome to homeownership indeed.

Has anyone else every had less than fun moving experiences? Would love to hear them! Leave your story in the comments!


Have a great crazy day!






3 thoughts on “Jaws Could Be Living In My Front Yard

  1. When we moved into our current home my sister-in-law and mother-in-law moved into our old home. Everything was moving along nicely, or at least as well as it could with a three-year old and a one-year old, when my sister-in-law suddenly decided the big moving weekend HAD to be moved up a week. Nobody was ready, including her, and everybody was throwing stuff into boxes. We were literally moving boxes out as my in-laws were moving stuff in. That didn’t create ANY confusion. Never again.

    • We told ourselves we would get movers this go around. But we had to get rid of 80% of our stuff for staging, so we ended up packing ourselves. AGAIN. Though I did have packers come in and just pack up the china closet. They thought I was crazy.

      • I’m too much of a control freak to let movers pack my stuff. Seriously though, if you’re done, you’re done. Let the movers pack whatever you want

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