Introducing The Skinny Beotches Family Challenge Winner!

Skinny Beotches Family Challenge Winner

Today I am a winner in looser pants! I am standing tall, and lighter! The only thing bigger about me today than when I started is my ego.

That’s right, I am the Skinny Beotches Family Challenge Winner!

I posted previously about how my family decided to do something about all that holiday indulgence that was leaving us all a big sluggish. Happy and full of tasty treats, but sluggish. So we started a friendly, with a smattering of smack talk, challenge.

We used the Skinnyo website to create teams (I was on Team Southern Flabs) and create profiles with out beginning weight. No one else could see this information, so if you don’t want people knowing your starting weight, no worries! You then weigh in weekly, and the totals are posted with how much you lost, graphed by percentage body weight lost.

There is also a chat board where you can talk smack post encouraging comments.

And what do you know, come 3/31/14 my name was on top of the leaderboard!

We’d each committed to putting $20 into the pot so I was looking at a nice little somethin’ somethin’ for all my hard work.

I bet you’re thinking: She’s going to spend it on donuts! She’s going to buy some new pants that fit!

Nope, I have grander plans.

I am going to use my winnings to help Evan’s Crew reach their fundraising goal for the 2014 Pan-Mass Challenge.

As most of you know, my “100% awesome dude” nephew, Evan, passed away in 2012 of DIPG, a devastating pediatric brain cancer. His parents and others have created Evan’s Crew, and that team and will be racing in their 2nd Pan-Mass challenge this coming August. The first race they participated in was a mere 7 months after their sweet boy passed away. I know, I am in awe, too. And thank god they did because they raised over $80,000!!! All of the money they raised, every cent of it, went directly to DIPG research.

So, my wallet and I will both be a bit lighter now.

If you’d like to learn more about the amazing Evan’s Crew, go to

Oh, and while you’re there, how about you lighten up your wallet and make a donation? Just click on Donate to PMC and” voila!”, you have helped find a cure!

Now, that good deed is worthy of a donut!


Have a great crazy day!




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