Things That Do Not Go Well With Packing

There are a couple of things that don’t go well with packing and moving.

1. Inclement Weather. Rain makes for messing moving. Sleet and ice and snow make for horrendous packing experiences. But you know what? I’ve got such an awesome husband that he did ALL moving of boxes out in the inclement weather. And have I mentioned that it’s the end of March and it was sleeting and icy and snowy? Yeah, for suck, mother nature. March came in like a lion and left like a bigger, pissed off lion.

2. The stomach bug. Actually, the stomach bud doesn’t go well with ANYTHING. But when you are trying to pack stuff up and are on a deadline and are gripped by stomach pains that are worse than childbirth, that is a miserable experience. And please, people that had wonderfully, pain free, natural childbirth don’t read into this. And for those of you that thought your uterus was going to be torn out you were in so much pain, this probably wasn’t that bad, but I had a good ole epidural so I didn’t really experience the really painful contractions, so take that how you will.  But believe me, it was miserable.

You know how I ended my post on Friday by saying this post would be about how a marriage can unravel during packing and moving? Well, it’s not.

This post is a validation that I married the absolute best person ev-ah. Pi did all the heavy lifting in the rain. He sent me up to bed to rest and kept checking to see if I was okay. No complaining about how I was conveniently stricken by an alien being that was ripping out my insides on the day we were supposed to pack up the entire house. Nope, not one complaint.

So instead, this post validates that I married the right person and he rocks. This post is a testament to how supportive and awesome Pi is. He rocks, y’all.

Oh, and my mom rocks, too. Because she took my kids for the weekend and in my appreciation I gave her the stomach bug.

Let’s hear it for helpful hubby’s and Grammy’s!

Have a great, crazy day!



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