Friday’s Photo Finish: It’s The End Of March And I Can Still Throw My Kids In A Snow Bank

Sarah snowOkay, okay, I didn’t REALLY throw my kids in a snow bank. See, when Mahlie was 7 months old we got 2 feet of snow…Snowmageddon. And we propped her up in a snow bank to get a picture. She was double snow suited (first child, y’all). We don’t typically get lots of snow, so we weren’t sure when we’d get the opportunity again.

Anyways, this season PLENTY of opportunity. We had a snow day this past Monday and there were 8 inches of the cold stuff on the ground. Mahlie had a great idea:

“Let’s throw Sarah into a snow bank! Like you did to me!”

“Well, we didn’t really throw you…..”

So we went on a family walk and Mahlie lay down first and we sort of plopped Sarah down next to her. She was not looking so happy, perhaps because she was getting snow in her shoes. You’ll notice she’s just wearing sneakers (second child, y’all).

Anyways, it’s the end of Fing March and I was able to throw my kids in a snow bank this week. That should be illegal. Not my throwing them in a snow bank, that should definitely remain legal.  But it should be against some sort of Mother Nature law to snow at the end of March.

Happy Spring….keep an eye out for the impending winter weather next week!

Snow Bank

Have a great crazy day!


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