Happy Anniversary To My Crazy Little Blog!

2 years ago I told myself I was going to start a blog.

One year ago-ish I actually started.

Now with a following of my mom, some family members and some friends I bribed, I am a year in to this whole blog thing.

I’m not really sure what I’m doing. I’m pretty all over the place and don’t have any “set” schedule of posts or any recurring topics. I just sort of haphazardly write about what’s going on in my crazy family. Some weeks I’m lucky I get anything out. Working full time and then going home and working full time as mom makes it a bit tough to eke out time for my “side project”.

But I do have my loyal followers, and I’d just like to give a shout out to my Syracuse cousins for regularly checking in with my crazy blog.

I have a couple friends that have left comments that make we want to keep on going. Dragana, who says the first thing she does in the morning is to check and see if I wrote anything new. I always feel so bad when I don’t have anything new for her. So, Dragana, not only is this a new post, but you are getting a big shout out! And seriously folks, she gave me the best compliment by telling me she can tell what a great mom I am by what I write. And that is coming from one of the best moms I can think of!

Another friend, Crystal, left a comment saying “I feel like you are at my kitchen table telling me this story” and “you are the voice inside my head!” For a writer (is that what I am? I am not sure.) that is a huge compliment. Thanks Crystal!

And then there are the supporters that I’ve never met except out on the web, on other blogs that I love to read. My biggest shout out goes to The Dose Girls from The Dose of Reality. They are hysterical and write some awesomely fantastic posts, especially their series on Pinterest Nightmares. Go read!   They have given me all kinds of blog love, shared my posts and passed me around and left me comments that make me think, “Hey, I think I’ll keep this up!” I also got some great feedback from another writer I admire, Kim Bongiorno. You can find her at Let Me Start By Saying over on Facebook.  She’s also one of the contributers to several books I love, I Just Want To Pee Alone and You’ve Got Lipstick On Your Teeth. A positive comment from her pretty much put me over the moon.

What really makes me keep writing is seeing the response to posts that mean a lot to me, some of which are difficult to write. Hitting that “publish” button has given me the sweats more than once, but I’ve always had the highest number of readers for those posts, which has meant a lot.

My most read post was about my families quest to raise money for the Pan Mass Challenge and my friend Sharalyn’s ride with Cycle for Survival in A Boy, 2 Bike Rides, And Finding A Cure For Cancer.

A close second was about my awesome nephew, Evan, who was diagnosed with DIPG in November of 2011 and passed away in November 2012, one year to the day of diagnosis. He was A 100% Awesome Dude.

Another difficult post to write was my opinions on the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch and his jackassy comments about who he wants wearing his clothes e.g. only hot skinny people, in THe Size of “Cool”. . As someone that struggled with and overcame significant eating disorders, that resonated with me and I wrote about it. You all did not disappoint with all of your support.

And then there was a post about the girls. No, not my daughters, “THE girls”. Still not getting it? Go read about my girls and my confusion with Where Did These Come From And What Do I Do With Them?

My biggest thanks go to those that make my life so crazy, Mahlie (aka Sweets) and Sarah (aka Noggin). Wonder where Mahlie’s name came from? Well, it’s why you Don’t Name Your Child In A Bar. They are my hugest fans and make my life crazy and wonderful.

I am hoping to be able to write about my crazy a little bit more this year. We’ll be moving (meeting with our realtors tonight! Yikes!), Sweets will start Kindergarten…somewhere. Since we’re moving I’m not sure where yet (double yikes!). Throw in a couple family vacations and I think I’ll have plenty of crazy to talk about!

Thanks to everyone for all your support this past year. While Pi doesn’t read my blog, he DID buy me my own domain for my birthday, so changes will be coming! I enjoy sharing my crazy, and if you enjoy reading about it, please share with others! Sharing is caring people!

Have a great crazy day!


10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To My Crazy Little Blog!

  1. I hear your voice every time I read your blog and was glad to see I am not the only one. I love that you blog. It makes me feel like you don’t live so far away, when we once lived oh so close. Please keep writing. Love Kate

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