Don’t Name Your Child In A Bar: An Irish Tale

A cautionary Irish tale….

My Special Kind of Crazy

That’s right. Our daughter’s name was  decided on in a bar. Never a good idea.

It started out well enough. Our friend, of true Irish descent- with the red hair to prove it- has a typical Irish name, though it is spelled  “American style”. She wrote down on a cocktail napkin what her name would be in Gaelic, and it was what we thought a very beautiful spelling of the name. Since both of us have Irish in our family tree (really, doesn’t everyone? But seriously, we are REALLY Irish), right then and there my husband and I decided that if we ever got pregnant and had a girl, that would be her name.

And we did get pregnant and we did have a girl. I even saved the cocktail napkin on which my friend wrote the beautiful name with thoughts of framing it and telling our daughter the geneology of…

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