Friday’s Photo Finish: Playing With Balloons and Fighting Hunger

Balloons can be sanity saving. Inexpensive and simple, just blow ’em up and yell, “don’t let the balloon touch the floor!” and your kids will run around like maniacs for at LEAST 5 minutes.

balloon 2

balloon 1You know why the kids look all blurry? Because they are moving. Yes, they are moving around so quick and not paying attention and tripping over each other, but moving nonetheless.

And you know what happens when kids move around a lot?

They get tired. ALL mommies love it when their kiddo’s get tired. Because that means that soon they will be asleep and you can sit on the couch and fight poverty.

That’s right, I fight poverty. By drinking wine.

piggy bank 1This delicious Sauv Blanc, Piggy Bank,  caught my eye when I was out picking up my weekly Cupcake. I turned it around to get some specifics like, what region, what sort of grapes, etc (Whatever, I was looking to make sure the alcohol % was high enough. C’mon, I don’t fool around on Friday!).

piggy bank 2Piggy Bank wine makes donations to 3 different charity organizations for each bottle of wine sold. If you scan that funky square bar code with your phone, or just go to, you will see the 3 choices and you get to “vote” on which one receives your donation. Once they have L10,000 (that L is for the UK equivalent of money, which I have yet to find on my keyboard) in their “Piggy Bank”, they will distribute the donations based on the percentages each received in votes.

I am partial to the Capital Area Food Bank, which provides food to those struggling with hunger in the DC area, which is where I live. I am all for supporting local charities, so this makes me feel good. There are 2 others, Whole Planet Foundation and WaterAid. Go to their website by clicking the link above and learn more.

So, now when you are sitting on the couch, drinking that bottle glass of wine, and someone asks, “what are you doing?” in that somewhat accusatory tone that means “get up off your butt and do something!”, you can look at them and say, “I am helping fight hunger, what the hell are you doing?!” and go back to helping the world be a better place.

Everyone have a great weekend. I’ve got to go help fight hunger now.

Have a great crazy day!


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