Friday’s Photo Finish: It’s Picture Day!

picture dayToday is picture day at Noggin’s day care. She is all outfitted in the cutest get up she got for Christmas from her Auntie Brick. She was so darn cute, and keeping the hat on!, that I had to take a picture before we left because we all know what can happen at picture day. This picture doesn’t even do justice to the cute little sheep design on her little dress and omg it just makes my heart smile (if that were possible).

This comes at a very good time because I don’t have A SINGLE PICTURE printed out of Noggin.

That’s right. NOT.ONE.

Don’t get me wrong, just look through my Facebook feed , my twitter photo’s, my Instagram,  and there are pictures GALORE of my sweet love face.

But as for actual photos framed and in the house, or wallet sized pictures given out to family?

Not a single one.

In all fairness we don’t have any pictures of Sweets framed in the house after around 1 1/2. So basically I am failing both of my kids in the area of photo display.

I have high hopes for this picture day for Noggin and getting my first frameable photo up in the house!

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo Finish: It’s Picture Day!

  1. Adorable photo!!!
    And you are not alone!! I have several framed photos of my first (until he was 2)…but none…not even ONE of my youngest. Like you I’ve got lots on the computer—they exist–but they’ve not been printed out and framed. Good luck on your first framed one for Noggin. (my daughter will still be waiting) –Lisa

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