The Family Challenge Update

They say that typically 80% of people that make New Years Resolutions give up on their goals after the first week.

That first week of the year, you have ads out the wazoo touting the newest weight loss plan, exercise craze, and special gym membership fees.

And have you ever noticed all the weird “eat this food and never diet again!” ads on your Facebook feed? They are usually accompanied by some picture of a weird looking food that apparently if you eat it you will remain skinny forever. I’ve never clicked on any of those ads, but if anyone has and can tell me what that food is that looks like it has teeth, I would appreciate it!

I don’t buy all that moobley-goobley. Staying fit and healthy is an easy concept. Eat less. Move more. Junk the junk.

What is hard is the motivation. Who wants to go running when the ground is covered in snow and ice and it’s 10 degrees out? Who really likes quinoa? That mac and cheese I just made for the kids is so tasty!

You know what gets me motivated? Some good old fashioned competition with a smattering of smack talk.

I wrote about how my family started a weight loss challenge in the beginning of the year. Using the website Skinnyo, around 11 family members signed up and have until March 31st to lose the lbs. You log in your weight- and only you know your weight, everyone else just sees how much you’ve lost…or gained- and it tracks how well you are doing for everyone else to see.

The best part is you can leave comments- you can brag how much you’ve lost and encourage other members to go ahead and eat that piece of cake they are craving! Or give encouragement. Whatever.

And guess who is in the lead??? Can you guess?

That’s right, yours truly! I’ve lost -6.1% body weight and am at the top of the leaderboard.

You know how I’m doing it? Eating less. Moving a bit more. Junking the junk.

But NOT giving up cupcake.

(And to my family that is reading this and participating- we are rocking this challenge! Regardless of who wins (but for giggles, just go look at the leaderboard today guys, just sayin’), we will all be in shape to let loose in Corova this summer. Woot Woot!)

Have a great crazy day!


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