Snow Day, Sick Day and “Sleeping In”

Sleeping In

Everyone has been commiserating on being housebound due to the snow. Parents are pulling out their hair trying to keep their kids busy so they can take a shower.

The first couple snow days are all “whoo hoo! Let’s make a fort! Let’s make a snow man! Let’s go sledding!” The 3rd, 4th, 5th snow date and parents are all “where’s the coffee!? Screw the coffee, wine is now a breakfast drink!”

You know what is worse than a snow day and being stuck inside with your 4 year old, 1 year old and your husband? Being stuck inside and being sick.

God knows I love Pi, but I am not sure who I was going to kick out of the house first- him or the kids.

First, let me give kudos to him for 1)not losing my snow scraper again and 2)digging my car out of the snow multiple times.

He also let me sleep in BOTH Saturday and Sunday since I wasn’t feeling well. I also think he was tired of me dragging around the house looking all miserable-like. I wasn’t doing that to encourage him to let me sleep in, I WAS miserable-like.

But there is sleeping in and there is sleeping in and keeping one ear out for the sounds of kids being injured and breaking the house.

When you are a mom, you really only SLEEP in when there are no kids within a 100 mile radius. When you are given the opportunity to “sleep in” at home while your significant other “takes care” of the kids, the gesture is immensely appreciated (I know he doesn’t read my blog, but his family does!), but also understood that I wouldn’t really be sleeping. I would more be laying in bed with kids intermittently running in and telling me that “daddy won’t let me do anything!”

So you appreciate the gesture (immensely- did I mention that?) but when you go downstairs for a coffee refill and find said girls “doing their nails” with open nail polish bottles all over the floor and your immensely appreciated significant other is sitting at the kitchen table in an entirely different room reading the news on his blackberry “for just a minute”, that gesture seems more like a passive-aggressive tactic to ensure I NEVER SLEEP IN AGAIN!

Well played Pi, well played.

And who are we kidding? I will totally take him up on his offer to “sleep in” again. I’m not crazy….or am I?

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Snow Day, Sick Day and “Sleeping In”

  1. You are so right. Mom’s always keep an ear out. I remember once when Lucy was sick, I had been up with her for 2 days straight. I was so exhausted I was practically psychotic. I asked my husband to sleep in the extra bed in her room to help her just so I could finally catch a little sleep. Well….long story short…I awoke out of a dead sleep 2 hours later hearing her retching (mind you this was through 3 walls and two closed doors). I went into her room and my husband was snoring away sound asleep. He didn’t hear a thing. *sigh* I appreciated the gesture but GAH!! 😀 –Lisa

    • IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! I wake at slightest sound coming from the girls’ room and Pi can sleep though ANYTHING. There was one night I was cleaning up puke, giving a bath, the little one is screaming crying, I’m yelling for “a little help here!!” and NOTHING. And then he always tells everyone how he’s so tired because he never gets a full night sleep….SERIOUSLY??? GAH is right! Glad to know I’m not alone…

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