Weekend In Review: I’ll Let Sweets Tell It

You know how kids say what’s on their mind? Or point out things and make comments without that filter we all grow up with?

They make you laugh. They make you cringe. They make you think, “Yeah, she’s got a point!”

When kids are learning about the world around them, experiencing things for the first time, and trying to figure out “what in the world is going on!?”, there is a beautiful innocence that makes you want to scoop them up and kiss them all over.

I am going to use Sweets’ words for this Weekend In Review post.

On going to ballet:

“Mommy, my legs are so tired I don’t think they will work. I think they need a treat.”

“I like my butt in a tutu.” So do I Sweets, so do I.

On visiting open houses:

First house:

“Oh, I don’t this one, it’s got hot lava.” This particular house had a bright, red carpet in the basement.

Second house:

Sweets: “This room could be your room, that room could be mine and Sarah’s, and that room could be daddy’s.”

Me: “What, daddy and I don’t get to share a room?”

Sweets: “Well, daddy snores. You want to sleep, right?”

Me: “Good point. I can kick him out to that room when he snores.”

Sweets: “Yeah, that can be the snore room.”

Third house:

“This room is so much fun I might never come out of here.” It was an empty rec room with carpet and her and Noggin were rolling around on it.

On cooking:

Sweets: “Can I help with your moley?” We were making guacamole.

On the Super Bowl:

@4pm: “Is it on yet?”

@4:15pm: “Has it started yet?”

@4:30pm: “Did I miss the Super Bowl?”

(You get the point…every 15 minutes it was some sort of “when is the game starting” question.)

When Renee Fleming was singing the National Anthem she was wearing a shawl over her shoulders:

“Mommy, why is that lady tied up?”

When there was a tackle:

“They aren’t being very nice.”

When a field goal was kicked:

“Mommy! That man just kicked the ball right out of his hands!” like it was a huge injustice.

When Bruno Mars was performing:

“oooh, mommy! They are shaking their butts!” And then she got up and started doing her Butt-Butt dance.

When it was way past her bedtime, the game was all but over, she looked at me, then at the TV and said:

“Mommy, I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.”

And that is our weekend in review, in Sweets’ words.

Have a great crazy day!


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