A Boy, 2 Bike Rides, and Finding a Cure For Cancer

2 Bike Rides

I’ve written about my nephew, Evan, who passed away at 11 years old from a devastating pediatric cancer,  DIPG,  on this blog several times.

I’ve talked about how he was a 100% awesome dude.

I’ve also written about his family honoring him by creating Evan’s Crew  and how they have set up the Evan T. Mandeville DIPG Foundation at Dana Farber Pediatric Cancer Center in Boston.

They participated in the Pan-Mass Challenge for the first time last year to raise money for their foundation and they will do so again this year. And, as his father, my brother-in-law, says, “every year [the]y are physically able.” You can find out more about helping contribute to finding a cure on Evan’s Crew website.

I am always looking for ways to support Evan’s Crew- through sponsoring my family’s Pan-Mass Challenge ride to wearing my Evan’s Crew: Toward a Cure bracelet every day.

Then my friend, Sharalyn Brady, sent out a message on facebook about her participating in Cycle for Survival, which raises money for cancer research, especially for rare cancers, like Evan’s. You can see her spokespersons (well….not really a person, but she’s treated like one…)  plea for donations here. She lost her father-in-law, who also happened to be the father of one of my close friends, to cancer just months after his diagnosis.

This post is being written to help them get their message out and to shamelessy ask you to support them. And when I say “support them” I mean “send them money.”

I’m not asking you to ride a bike 163 miles over 2 days in the Pan-Mass Challenge like my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their team, Evan’s Crew.

I’m not asking you to get on a stationary bike and ride for 4 hours straight for Cycle For Survival  like my friend Sharalyn.

I am asking you to send them a little somthin’-somthin’ to support them in their quest to kick cancer’s ass. They’ll exert all the energy; you’ll just open your wallet a tad bit.

I sponsored Sharalyn, who in turned sponsored Evan’s Crew, who in turn sponsored Team Rock Star, Sharalyn’s team in Cycle for Survival. Look at all the support to kick cancers ass!

Need more convincing? Here is when “kismet” stepped in, connecting Evan’s Crew and Team Rock Star. This was completely and totally surprising to both myself and Sharalyn.

I got a text message from Sharalyn: “OMG! Evan’s name is on the back of our team shirts!”.

It turns out that my sister-in-law Aimee, Evan’s mom, has a cousin with a friend on Team Rock Star. And both last year and this year Evan’s name was on their shirt for persons they were riding for. How about that??

Cancer divides family in the most devastating of ways. Those left behind join forces to honor those that have lost their battle and support those that have been through, or are currently going through, the same battle.

So, if you didn’t click on any of the links above (the ones that are highlighted in blue), please see the below links to DONATE, DONATE, DONATE.

Did I mention Sharalyn will be riding for 4 straight hours?? Donate here: Sharalyn Brady: Cycle for Survival.


Team Rock Star Happy Hour

Mr. Brady and his loves, his grand kids.

Don’t want to ride 163 miles over 2 days? That’s okay! Evan’s Crew will do it for you! Donate here: Evan’s Crew 2014 Pan-Mass Challenge.

Evan’s Crew

I’ll be sharing updates on their fundraising efforts and am asking that you share this post with reckless abandon.

Have a great crazy day! Hug your loves!


3 thoughts on “A Boy, 2 Bike Rides, and Finding a Cure For Cancer

  1. Whew! I couldn’t do a really, really long bike ride on the road or even on a stationary bicycle. You know what I can do? I *can* give a donation. And I will. right. this. minute. It is truly the very least I could do to honor a great boy like Evan. –Lisa

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