Long Weekend/Snow Days in Review: Or How Mommy’s Keep From Going Insane

Oh thank the good lord there is school today!

I am all for a nice long weekend, but tack on 2 snow days that are too cold to venture out for the typical sled and snowman building makes for a very loooooong weekend. You need to delve deep into your mommy bag of tricks to keep all occupied and from inflicting too much damage upon one another. And the house. It’s a test of one’s sanity, really. But Mommy’s can deal with that, right?

Insane Mommy

Mommy’s, as Sweets will tell you, are “magic” and “know everything”. Mary Poppins was really a tribute to ALL mommy’s- we’ve got our magic bag of tricks.  A long weekend with additional snow days off? No problem! Is that all you’ve got, mother nature?

To make things just a tad more interesting and challenging, I threw out my back Friday night getting out of bed. Nothing strenuous, nothing out of the ordinary. Just, you know, getting out of bed. So my mobility was compromised. Just trying to level the playing field, all.

Oh, and we RAN OUT OF COFFEE. That was a REAL emergency and almost gave the long weekend the upper hand. Pi sensed the seriousness of the situation and quickly dug out the car and ran out to get supplies. What a great guy! And, I am thinking, he was fearful of his wife with no coffee and a thrown out back on day 5 of a long weekend with kids stuck in the house. And coffee wasn’t the only thing he brought….

mommy elixir

Smart guy as well.

So let’s get on with this long weekend challenge on mommy’s sanity, shall we?

#1. Round up the troops!

You may think it is crazy to invite MORE kids into the house, but it is a ploy to keep them busy and occupied so as not to require you to play 1,248,339 games of Candy Land. Sweets had a couple of play dates with her bestie, Lily. They included Noggin in their mess making playtime upstairs, keeping her out of my hair busy while I sat on the couch drinking bailey’s and coffee getting some work done.

play date mess

Not so messy and mostly everyone is fully dressed.

#2. Go Outdoors!

For playdate #1 we went to the local park where the littles could “get their exercise” aka, wear themselves out so that at bedtime they will be ready for sleep (and now moms everywhere are doubled over in laughter!). When it is time to leave said park, to avoid all meltdowns, bribe with hot chocolate.

starbucksWhile you’re there….refill. (Please note appropriate use of “there” and “you’re”. Makes up for my tendency to use odd punctuation.)

If weather doesn’t permit, bring the outdoors inside, where it is much warmer and refills are close by. It was too cold to be outside for long, and we don’t live near any good sledding hills (and even if we did, we don’t have a sled), so we brought the snow inside for Sweets to make mini snowmen. In a not well thought out move, I gave her food coloring to make it more fun. Well, that ended just about how you’d think it would….lots of things stained that weren’t supposed to be stained. But it kept her busy for a good long time while I “got some work done”.

mini snow balls

#3. Make the Kids Work For You

The big excitement in our parts is that Noggin is starting to walk. Well, it was mostly just her standing up and then lunging herself forward, then looking up at us, saying “yay!” and clapping for herself. However, there was one time I was in my room laying in bed on the heating pad (thrown out back, remember? I was not just taking a break and watching the Ellen Show…) and she literally walked in and across the room. However, try to get it on video, and she immediately drops to her knees and scoots right along.

We joke that she’s not going to have first steps and first words. She’s just one day going to walk into the living room and ask us for a snack.

So we enlisted Sweets’ help- we told her that only she, the idolized big sister, could get Noggin to walk. For a good 30 minutes the 2 were engaged in what could only be likened to a puppeteer and his marionette. Poor Noggin was being stretched and pulled and lifted in all kinds of directions. I must admit, this did take some level of supervision to make sure no joints were pulled out of socket or heads smashed on fireplaces.

Noggin also spent a good portion of the time  “entertaining” her sister. Unfortunately this took place at night, when we were trying to put them to bed. Noggin would be standing up in her crib and YELLING and LAUGHING at the top of her lungs to get Sweets’ attention. Sweets in turn would laugh hysterically back, and it would all start again. When we heard Sweets say, “I told you to shut your mouth”, we decided there needed to be some intervening (as well as figuring out where in the world she heard THAT phrase from!).

Apparently “intervening” means Pi going upstairs, laying on the floor in between the crib and bed to “monitor” the situation, which included Noggin doing the exact same thing but now not only is Sweets laughing hysterically, so is Pi. This is what I witnessed, which was tame compared to what had been going on before:


#4. Change in Location!

If you don’t want your house to get all crumbed up (“all crumbed up” IS a real phrase and it means: “to systematically destroy, break, dismantle and/or ruin furniture or other household items, including entire walls requiring to be repainted”. It was coined by my friend’s son. On my watch. It wasn’t pretty) go to someone else’s house! If you are lucky, they will also offer to feed all of you. Always accept this offer. Especially if homemade mac and cheese is involved. And shrimp and grits. And mimosas. Did I mention mimosas?


Noggin is also using a fork to eat. On her own. An adult fork. She NEVER does that at home. I’m not actually sure where she even got that fork.

#5. Have Enough Provisions!

Cupcake. Enough said.

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Long Weekend/Snow Days in Review: Or How Mommy’s Keep From Going Insane

  1. The first 35 minutes of a snow day are magical. Snow balls and sledding…then reality sets in and there is coldness, wetness, and you can’t go anywhere. And RUNNING OUT OF COFFEE!!! GAH!!! I wish I’d read this sooner. My house totally got all crumbed up. DARN IT!!! –Lisa

    • HAHA! Isn’t “crumbed up” a great phrase? Glad it is catching on! And gee, we had 2 whole school days and now…WEEKEND. UGHHHH! My bag of tricks is about depleted!~

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