Friday’s Photo Finish: Queenie and the Scooter

This week Sweets tested her limits and ended up getting banned from having candy for a week and was carried kicking and screaming up to bed. Things have calmed considerably and are pretty much back to normal.

QueenieApparently normal is Sweets wearing a “Queen” crown, walking around yelling, “I’m Queen of the land!” and insisting we address her as “your majesty.” I am not sure who thought this would be a good idea.

Then yesterday I came home and Noggin is wearing a tiny little red crown as well. Queenie and her best buddy D (her “King”) made her one.

It’s pretty fitting, actually. Sweets and Noggin pretty much rule, while Pi and I are running around making sure their every need is taken care of: cooking their meals, washing their clothes, driving them around town, dancing and singing the chorus of “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from their favorite movie like a court jester for their entertainment.

In other milestone news: Noggin is…..doing something but it’s not walking.

That’s right, she’s downright refusing to walk. She will stand up and bounce up and down, but try to get some forward movement out of her….down she goes and starts scooting on her knees. Sometimes she’ll really express how she feels about us trying to get her to walk and fling herself to the floor, arch her back and flex out her leg in some odd yoga pose.

That “walk and ride” scooter we got her? She pushes it alright….while scooting on her knees.

I suppose in time she’ll realize in order to keep up she’ll need to get up on those 2 underused feet of hers. Until then, I’m just going to strap some swiffers to her knees and let her scoot away.

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo Finish: Queenie and the Scooter

  1. I like Sweet’s style. We all should be Queen of the Land!! The fact that she made a crown for Noggin too shows she is a wise and benevolent ruler! That knee walking is ADORABLE! I’m so glad you caught it on video. That’s got to be harder than feet walking, don’t you think?! –Lisa

    • She has calluses on her knees! good thing kneecaps don’t fully form until you are 6 years old because that would be painful! I figure one day she’s just going to walk across the room like it’s no big deal….she won’t take first steps, she’ll take a first “stroll across the room”.

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