Stepping Over The Line

My daughter is many things; beautiful, funny, caring, helpful, loving.

She is also mischievous, sneaky, feisty, stubborn, sassy and bossy.

I love all of these things about her because they make her the unique, awesome little girl that she is.

She will also cause me to go prematurely gray (okay, I suppose at my age it’s not premature, but hey, let me still feel like I am young enough to use that phrase!) and send me to, as she calls it, the “nut hut”. I am also going to blame her for our wildly overflowing recycle bin. Those Cupcake bottles don’t drain themselves!

Lately she has been testing boundaries- stretching those limits to the absolute edge, sticking her foot out over the line and dangling it there, challenging me.

Usually she retreats with a stern look, a firm “there will be consequences” and the occasional Time Out for the egregious act of sassing me or her dad. She tests the line, but rarely does she cross it.

Last night she firmly planted both feet over the line.

Stepping Over

While I was making dinner, Sweets found those “gold coin” chocolates at the bottom of her bag that Santa had given her for Christmas in her stocking. I had forgotten all about them when I was putting away all the treats that we’d been overindulging in over the holidays.

She of course had one. She showed me in typical little kid, “ha, look what I did!” fashion.

“Mommy, look at me!”

I turn and she’s looking at me, mouth wide open, filled with chocolate.

First, ew.

“Okay, let’s put the rest away and you can have another one this weekend.”

She put them away, as asked. That was a mistake on my part.

I let her put them away instead of taking them and putting them away somewhere she couldn’t get them.

Then it’s dinnertime and she had her own set of issues which included flopping down onto the floor because she is “so tired” she can’t put her plate in the sink, but not tired enough to go up to bed.

Me: “If you aren’t ready for bed then put your plate in the sink please.”

Sweets: “I’m not putting my plate away, I don’t care what you say!”

And then she’s in time out.

Cue the tears, the yelling of “you’re a mean mommy! You’re the meanest mommy! I’m not your friend anymore!”

After calming down, kisses are given, she’s off to play for a few minutes before bed.

Pi and I were then enjoying a lovely glass of wine in the kitchen. Ah, it was so nice and quiet. I should have known.

It was so nice and quiet.

I look out into the living room and see Sweets hiding under the couch cushions. And I see the tin she used to put her chocolates away, open on the couch.

Me to Pi: “oooooh, I bet she’s eating that chocolate!”

Pi in a “you are oh so observant” tone: “you think??”

I go over to the couch. lift the cushion, and there she is, grinning up at me, face covered in chocolate.

I take the tin and gather up the candy wrappers and tell her there are no treats for a week.

Sweets: “so, can I have some tomorrow?”

Me:”no. and now it’s time for bed.”

And then the apocalypse started.

“NoNONONONO! It’s not my bedtime! I’m not going up to bed! I want to wait for my sister!”

I scoop her up and start carrying her up the stairs, all red faced angry and kicking legs.

“Tell daddy good-night”

“NO! I will not say good-night because it is NOT my bedtime! I am not going to bed!”

Continue screaming all the way up the stairs.

In the bathroom I hand her her toothbrush and tell her to brush her teeth. Continued screaming and rolling about on the floor.

“Sweets, you are going to bed early because you ate a piece of candy when I told you not to”

“I did NOT have one piece of candy! I had like FIVE!”

Well then.

She refused to brush her teeth so I scooped her up and deposited on her bed telling her she was to stay in bed and I’d see her in the morning.

Downstairs, her 1 year old sister is looking quizzically up the stairs, listening to Sweets scream and cry out for her sister. She looks at us and puts her hands over her ears and laughs.

Oh, I can see the sibling love of the future….it is not so bright….

After around 5 minutes Sweets is calling down, through hiccups and tears, “I need a hug and a kiss!”

So I go up, sit her on my lap in a mommy/daughter hug and rock her. I ask her if she remembers what I have told her….no matter what that I will be there and “what else?”

Sweets: “you’ll always love me”

Me: “that’s right. no matter what, I will always love you. Okay?”

Sweets: “Okay. Mommy?”

Me, thinking there’s been a lesson here, we’re having a lovely mommy/daughter moment: “yes Sweets?”

Sweets: “Can I have a piece of candy?”

I hope there is a vacancy in that Nut Hut….

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8 thoughts on “Stepping Over The Line

  1. OH, does that sound like my oldest! Some kids definitely PUSH more than others! He is 18 now, graduated from high school and he STILL pushes everything to the very last minute, to my very last nerve, and then he has the nerve to say “Calm down.” Uh, I WAS calm the first ten times I asked you to do whatever it was 🙂 Hopefully yours is less stubborn! She sounds like a lot of fun though!

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