A Healthy, Smack Talking, Family Challenge For The New Year!

I know that most people, after indulging and gaining what feels like the Holiday Hundred from all the cookie exchanges, have made some sort of goal involving eating healthy and exercising more.

And then on January 3rd, those goals go out the window, you buy yourself a bigger pair of pants and get on with the more important things, like keeping up with the latest Duck Dynasty scandal and trying to make sense of why Miley keeps sticking her tongue out in pictures.

Do you know what helps with those healthy goals you’ve set for yourself?

Competition. Especially family competition. Family competition with a healthy dose of smack talk.

Family Challenge

While visiting family up north, we decided to do a “Biggest Loser” type competition because we’d all had waay too much cheer over the year holiday.

Only thing was, no one wanted to disclose how much they currently weighed to start things off.

Never fear! In comes the great webiverse to help us out.

Skinnyo* is a website that focuses on “challenges” to get yourself healthy.  You go to their site and either create your own or join a public challenge. You can choose any challenge you want- exercising more, training for a race, losing weight.

Once your challenge is created, you can go in, login your information and get started. If you are choosing a weight loss challenge, only you see your actual weight. Everyone else in your challenge just sees how much you’ve lost on the days you check in.

That’s when the smack talk can start. With a whopping $200 on the line at the end of our 90 day challenge, it is no holds barred up in here. Oh, you think I didn’t see on FB that you ate that box of mini donuts for breakfast?? Well, the Skinnyo tracker tells all my friend!

Once you start logging in, it tracks your weight loss for everyone in your challenge to see. Makes it great when you lose that 2 lbs during the stomach bug! You can brag and smack talk with the best of them. And then when you lose a measly .1 lbs or, gasp, gain a pound, it’s amazing how silent one becomes on the comment board.

Not saying that happened. Just saying.

As part of the Team Southern Flabs, I am happy to report we are currently leading the pack. Has nothing to do with the fact we have the most to lose…nope. It is all due to the hard work of giving up eating the extra fish sticks left on my kids plate.

And, just note to self, salads are great. But when you make a salad and include everything but the kitchen sink in it and it is the size of a large Tupperware container, that is not necessarily “cutting back”. You just added lettuce.

Making this interesting is that both Pi and I are in the challenge and even though we’re on the same team, against The Northern Porkers and Team SlimFlabby, we are also pitted against one another. That should make things fun, right? What, did I leave out those cookies on the counter that were tempting you at midnight? Oh, and how did that container of your favorite ice cream get in the freezer? Must be leftover from before the challenge started….

Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year!

Have a great crazy day!

*I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “A Healthy, Smack Talking, Family Challenge For The New Year!

  1. OMGeeee! I may have to go join this site just to read the team names!! They are fabulous!!! Really, the concept does sound great!! I’m going to check them out!! I always welcome another form of motivation!! –Lisa

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