Tnx 4 the Gift!

Looking around the house, all the holiday decorations are down and there are only a few scattered remnants of the wrapping paper shredding extravaganza that occurred Christmas Morning. Time to sit back on the couch, relax, we’re all back to normal, holiday’s are done.

Oh. Except now I need to send the thank you notes.

Tnx 4 the gift

One thing I was taught by my mom was to always send thank you notes. “Back in those days” (omg can’t even believe I am writing that!) there was not email or text, so shooting off a “tx 4 the gift!” message wasn’t an option. I did it the “old fashioned” way.

I wrote them.

As in, picked up a pen, got a thank you card, and wrote my thankful sentiments. In cursive. With appropriate greetings.

These days it seems that the nicety of a thank you note…a handwritten one…has gone by the wayside. I’m not saying expressions of appreciation are not given- but the tradition of a handwritten thank you note doesn’t seem as automatically expected anymore.

Well, not in my house. If I had to write them, my kids are going to write them.

Okay, I’m not just making them write thank-yous in some sort of spiteful “if I did it so will you!” type of revenge. I really believe writing a handwritten thank you note is the best way to show someone how much you appreciated what they have given, or done for, you.

Sure, email can contain the same information, but it’s not the same. It doesn’t have the same personal touch that a handwritten note contains.

True, until your kid can hold a pencil, write, and spell, you will be doing most of the work. Right now I am doing all the writing and Sweets adds her name. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, she will draw a picture of the gift giver. They usually are very true to form….if you have a really large head with arms and legs sticking out of it.

I just got a thank you note from the daughter of my best friend and it was awesome. It was one sentence with most of the words spelled correctly but some of them were adoreably misspelled. I love those cards!

And is there anything better than opening up your mailbox and finding an envelope with your handwritten address on it- not to be fooled by those computer generated ones to TRICK you into thinking they are handwritten (boy, they are clever!).

It’s so nice to receive something other than the 1,000th bill or the flier about all the animals I could be saving. Please don’t think I don’t care about animals and start leaving me mean comments about how I hate animals, but hey, what about the trees we are killing to send me all these fliers about animals I could be saving? Deforestation displaces animals, ever think of that? Huh?

I digress.

I love Christmas for the cards I get because for at least a few weeks I know I’ll be getting personal mail. I mean, yes they are now computer made cards that we don’t even sign our name to anymore, but at least I am getting pictures of my friends kids that I don’t see on Facebook!

Also, I start getting phone calls from my mom around, oh, now, asking me if I have written my thank you notes yet. That’s right. My mom still checks to see if I have sent thank you notes! And yes mom, they “are in the mail”.

Do you still write thank you notes?

Have a great crazy day!


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