Ho-Ho-HOrrible Santa Pictures!

We all know the tradition of having your kids get their picture taken on Santa’s lap at Christmas time.

And we all know that 99% of the time those pictures are going to be worthy of a “awful photo with Santa” competition.

I can sympathize. I have yet to get a good photo of my kids with Santa. Even when, finally, this year Sweets SMILED for the camera and wasn’t scared and crying…SANTA looked miserable. C’MON Santa! What happened to the Jolly?

My sister in law got the epitome of AWESOME with her Santa picture. Now, mind you, it took 9 times to get, but got it she did. I am doing a whole lot of bragging right now because my nieces are so damn adorable and beautiful.

I have never even gotten anything remotely close to that good in a Santa photo. Treesh, I need you out here next year!

That being said, here is our history of Santa Photo’s.

Attempt #1:

Sweets: “Why are you giving me to this man!? Take me back!”

Santa: “Why are you giving me this screaming child? Take her back!”

Attempt #2:

Sweets: “I just want my goody bag.”

Me: “I feel sorta creepy on Santa’s lap.”

Santa: “I think my leg’s gone numb. Are they done yet?”

Attempt #3

I left it up to Pi to get since I was home with a week old baby, and of course he took one single camera phone picture. It was dark and blurry. A typical dad picture.

Attempt #4

Noggin: “Is that real? Is that real? Can I touch it? Can I eat it? Is it real? What if I pull it?”

Santa: “I wish she’d hurry and take the picture because I think the small one is plotting something….”

Attempt #5

Noggin: “Who’s the woman? What’s going on? Is someone going to feed me?”

Santa: “Can they tell I’m not smiling? They’ll never know, the beard hides my mouth, they’ll never know. I’m sure my eyes are smiling.”

Me: “Is this Santa a serial killer or something??”


Attempt #6

This is actually a good Santa picture! Sure, it’s not with her sister, but it’s with her best friend and they are the cutest. I’ll take it!


Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holidays! I hope Santa is good to everyone!

Do YOU have a good Santa photo?

Have a great crazy day!


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