What To Do On A Snow Day Without Snow

I’d hate to be a weather forecaster in the winter. I’d doubly hate to be the person that makes the decision on whether or not to close schools due to impending inclement weather.

No matter what your decision, you are going to be unpopular with someone. If you close and there is no snow, you face the ire of parents that have to rearrange their plans to stay home, and of schools that now have to make up a snow day when there was no snow.

If you stay open or you delay and it snows, you face the ire of parents that think it is dangerous and unsafe for their children to be out on the roads in such treacherous conditions.

There is really no winning here.

The only time you win is when everyone wakes up to 2 feet of snow on the ground and not only are the schools closed, but the entire city has shut down. And that happens once every 10 years around here.

Ever had a snow day with no snow?  Those days where you need to stay home with your kids yet you can’t wear them out with hours of outside time sledding, building snowmen, and having snowball fights? And they are incessantly asking you, “when is the snow coming?” I have. I wrote about it HERE.

Those are epic days, let me tell you! The hours stretch ooooonnnn, and ooooonnn.

You bring out the crafts. You bring out the movies. You make forts. You essentially dig out every toy that has been in a cabinet, closet, bin or container in storage.

That is hour one.

What to do, other then send your husband out to get the monster bottle of Bailey’s for your coffee?

Here are my suggestions for what to do on a non-snow day snow day.

snow day1.Bake. Bake them into oblivion. Let them lick the spoon, lick the bowl, eat ALL the stuff they bake. Weather the sugar rush and then wait for the CRASH. Take advantage of the sugar crash incuded crash to nap.

2. Drink a big cup of coffee. With Baileys Irish cream. Make it a double.

3. Dress them up in all their snow gear and send them out to play in the cold rain telling them the snow is coming ANY MINUTE NOW!

4. Put in every Christmas movie you have in your collection.

5. Drink a big glass of eggnog. With bourbon. Make it a double.

6. Tell them that their elf on the shelf brought them a “pre-Christmas present” since they’ve been so good and it is hiding somewhere in all the toys they have dumped out on the floor but if they put them all away I bet they’ll find it! Voila! Living room picked up!

7. Tell them it’s time for an ice cream snack! YAY! Oh, and they can have chocolate syrup on it if they can find it in the fridge. Have them hand you every condiment in the fridge until you have successfully purged your fridge of all outdated condiments. YAY! Cleaning fridge, check!

8. All this supervising of “playing” is probably making you tired, so get out that coffee! With Bailys!

9. It’s crafts time! Get out the construction paper, glue and glitter. Have them go to town making Christmas cards for all their family. Then laugh to yourself when you imagine them all opening their little “glitter bombs” so that they, too, now have glitter all over their house!

10. Make some of those snacks that you find on pinterest. HAHAHA! Kidding. Give them cheez whiz on crackers and spray some whipped cream in their mouth for good measure. Hey, it’s the holidays!

11. Help them build a “magic” fort. It is only “magic” as long as grown-ups don’t go in. Voila- the rest of the afternoon is yours! You’re welcome!

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Have a great crazy day!


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