The 1st Birthday Smash Cake

Seeing your “baby” turn one is wonderful. It’s exciting and bittersweet. Your no-longer-a-baby is acting more like a little person, has a blooming personality and is learning new things every day.

This also means they are growing up, no longer content to stay snuggled in your lap, they want to get up and GO!

The first birthday is more a milestone for the parents- “Yay! We haven’t messed them up too much yet!” It’s a “we’ve made it to the other side” celebration- gone are the 2am feedings and hello to more uninterrupted night sleep. Doesn’t mean they aren’t up at the crack of dawn though!

The first birthday is also known for one very popular tradition: The Smash Cake.

Typically the first taste of “sugar”, out comes the 1 year olds very own piece of cake ready for her to “smash”….topped with enticing frosting, everyone singing “Happy Birthday” off tune and more often than not scaring the beejezus out of them.

Whoever thought that including a flaming candle to the whole scenario was just crazy. And then of course I have included said candle on both my girls’ cake and what have they both done? Grabbed for the candle and then started to cry because A) I pulled the cake out of their reach in a “psych!” kinda move or B) I haven’t pulled the cake away quick enough and they’ve started to cry because they burned themselves on the flame.

Great parenting there. Oh, but we got a great picture for the scrapbook!

Once the danger of the open flame has been extinguished, the real fun begins.

I think we can all agree that “eating” is a relative term here. What my child did to her cake last night resembled something like a gladiator in the colloseum…that cake never had a chance.

What started out as tentative feeling and tasting quickly escalated to grabbing large handfuls of frosting laden cake and shoving it in her mouth and when that wasn’t enough, smearing it all over herself. And when she’d had enough of THAT, she moved on to then grabbing handfuls, holding them up over her head in a triumphant “I Am ONE!” stance, and then scattered the remnants to the floor.

smash remnants cake

The aftermath of ingesting huge amounts of frosting was not unlike that of a disheveled, drunken bar patron. aftermath

Did anyone get out the vacuum?

And is a bath ready?

See the smash cake video HERE.

Have a great crazy day!


One thought on “The 1st Birthday Smash Cake

  1. We didn’t do a smash cake for either of our kids, but we did give them a big piece of cake to mess around with. Your smash cake pictures are so good, I wish we’d done it now!! 🙂 –Lisa

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