Look Who’s One!

Super Happy To Be One!

Super Happy To Be One!

I am in a bit of disbelief right now. My sweet baby is one. Technically no longer an infant. Which technically means she is not a “baby”. But as Sweets said this morning, “Mommy, she still looks like a baby to me.”

And you know what? She always will to me, too.

Looking back over the past year of the many faces of Noggin…


Noggin was born December 5th, 2012 at 6:49pm. She didn’t come early like her sister, and she has taken her time with everything else, too!


On her first day home hanging out with her big sister. Sweets is far and away her favorite person on this planet.


Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?? 😉


Lovin’ on her Auntie Aimee. She has a big family that loves her!


Learning to love reading at a young age!


Being read to by her big sis.

sis love

Noggin is very tolerant of her big sister’s tendency to hog the camera


But sitting next to her sister is still her favorite place to be!


She has the sweetest smile


but can still let you know when she is super angry!


She took her first camping trip


and has many people to show her the ropes down on the beach in North Shores, like Miss Amy


Next to her big sister, the shmoople is her most favorite playmate


She stands, cruises and hops around on her knees like a weird little rabbit, but not quite walking yet


and she has the cutest pucker up I’ve ever seen

Today I am so proud to be the momma of this sweet girl.

Happy Birthday!


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