Weekend In Review: Top Thanksgiving Moments

The “Things I am Thankful For” posts have faded from facebook, the leftovers are dwindling in refrigerators and Christmas decorations are popping up all over the neighborhood.

But I am still basking in the memories of my Thankgiving weekend and since I am home alone today (coincidence that it is also cyber-Monday? I think not…) I am going to share with you my top Thanksgiving moments.

Thanksgiving Moments
1. The trip down to the beach, a 2 1/2 hour drive away, was uneventful. No blowouts- tire or butt. No stopping every 30 minutes for potty breaks. And most importantly NO TRAFFIC. This made up for the 5 1/2 hours it took me over Columbus Day Weekend (seriously??).
2. Growing up The Optimist, Brick and I would go to Grotto Pizza and a movie on Wednesday night. I am happy to carry on this tradition with my kids, though my parents are calling me out because we went to Nicola’s this year instead. And we didn’t go to a movie- we put the kids to bed and then drank wine. Yeah, hey Brick and Optimist- new tradition is putting the kids to bed early and drinking wine!!
3. The beach in the off season is awesome. The beach is empy of crowds, there are no pedestrians and bikers to swerve around in the neighborhood. The leaves are awesome and since we are right on the canal we have a great view of the marshland and woods. It is also prime time for the geese to be flying south and we get THOUSANDS honking and flying overhead each day. I wanted Sweets to experience this bit o’nature and took her out onto the dock to see all the geese flying by. There were flying over in typical “V” formation and Sweets looks at me and asks me, “Mommy, what are they trying t spell?”
I about peed my pants! I just scooped her up and gave her a big hug because LOVE.
4. We are teaching Sweets to be polite and she does a pretty good job with her pleases and her excuse me’s and her thank you’s. We stress good manners but haven’t really focused too much on what NOT to say. I wasn’t present for this exchange, but apparently during a game with Grammy she called her a “silly old lady”. Well, Pi was mortified and gave her quite the talking to and had her apologize. I know a lot of people always talk about how their “crazy uncle Harry” or “crazy aunt Rose” always lets loose some inappropriate tirade at the dysfunctional Thanksgiving dinner table and I just wonder if these people have ever eaten with kids? They have yet to understand how to “filter” their conversation and when you are in a group situation you never know what’s going to come out of their mouth at the dinner table.
5. The biggest struggle at our house is always with the turkey. Is it too big (“oh this is WAY too much food!”)? Is it too small (“we may not have enough to feed everyone!”)? It always looks the same size to me and we’ve always had way enough for everyone. This year the struggle was in how long it was going to take to cook because when preparing it we discovered it was still frozen in parts, which was annoying because it wasn’t supposed to have been a frozen turkey. Anyways, we’d planned on eating at a specific time and all of our plans to cook everything else was now pushed back because we’d probably be eating around an hour or so later than expected. And then the damn turkey was done 2 HOURS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE WTF?? So now we had to rush to get the sides done sooner so we wouldn’t have cold turkey. And all of this being done in a galley kitchen with one stove.
But in the end we agreed it was the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner we’d had in years.
6. And in typical Thanksgiving form, my top moment was sharing it with my girls. While Noggin just did her thing of crawling around looking cute and then mashing up and throwing all her food around the table and onto the floor, Sweets got into the spirit of things. Well, at least into the spirit of making and eating pie. And she was in charge of the place cards, which were handprint Turkey’s. Too cute.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!
Have a great crazy day!

2 thoughts on “Weekend In Review: Top Thanksgiving Moments

  1. What are they trying to spell? Oh, that’s just ADORABLE!! We’ve always stayed here in town or gone to the mountains for Thanksgiving. It never crossed my mind to go to the beach, but the way you describe it sounds heavenly!! (and you don’t have to worry about being snowed in!!) I’m totally thinking about this for next year!! I’m glad you had a great holiday! –Lisa

    • We’ve gone to the beach almost every year since I can remember….I love it and it is a nice getaway that isn’t too far away. I highly recommend!

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