The Things Mom’s Don’t Mention They Are Thankful For

Being a mom, I am thankful for many things each day: that I have 2, healthy, beautiful children; that I have a husband who is not only a great partner but a wonderful father; that I have awesome friends to share wine with, though on an all too infrequent basis.

That being said, there are other things I am thankful for that occur on a more daily basis. They may seem slight to some, but believe me, they are significant when you are in the moment.

So here are the things I am thankful for that one typically doesn’t say out loud:

1. I am thankful that when Sweets went to the Capitol last week-  where they held “class” with Senators and Jennifer Garner in support of universal preschool legislation- she did not model the new “chicka chicka butt butt” dance we created over the weekend.

2. I am thankful that Noggin held her poop all night and then waited until after I went to work to poop for daddy. SCORE!

3. I am thankful that the corner liquor store is open on Sunday and stocks Cupcake and that we are such faithful customers when I went in and forgot my wallet they accepted that I’d come back tomorrow to pay.

4. I am thankful that Noggin’s first word is “dada” so that in the middle of the night I can roll over and say “she’s calling for you” and go back to sleep.

5. I am thankful that while playing “pump kick goal” in the house we did not break anything or set the house on fire.

6. I am thankful that when Sweets filled up her sisters crib with “all the baby toys” that she came and told me about it so I could go in an unbury Noggin from the avalanche of stuffed animals and baby blankets.

7. I am thankful that play dates now include wine for the mommies. Because playdate.

8. I am thankful that, at 5am and I am just REALLY tired and cannot deal, that the baby monitor has an “off” switch….

9. ….and my bedroom door has a lock.

10. I am thankful for having a dog because that saves a lot of time in not having to mop the floor of all the food Noggin throws on it and Sweets spills on it. Yes, I am aware that now I have a kitchen floor covered in dog saliva, but it’s clear and you don’t notice it, so I’m okay with that.

11. And I am thankful that I have awesome friends and family that when they read this will say “hells yes, hahahaha” instead of “what? She’s not thankful for her healthy kids and a roof over her head and food to eat?” because of course I am every single day but really moms are thankful for so much more ridiculous stuff and there is never an opportunity to say “I am so thankful my kids didn’t do the chicka chicka butt butt dance”.

So there you are! And no, I do not have a video of the chicka-chicka-butt-butt dance but it is probably close to what you are imagining.

What are YOU giving thanks for?

Have a great crazy day!


4 thoughts on “The Things Mom’s Don’t Mention They Are Thankful For

  1. Your number 2 had me dying with laughter (and don’t think I didn’t notice that you made it “#2” on your list. Genius!) . I totally remember those days. OMG…it would be the BEST when that would happen. Way to time it, Noggin!
    I am SUPER thankful that we have a movie theater that routinely has some showings of movies at 11am so that, if the movie isn’t too long, I can sneak in a movie during the school day with Ashley and we can still make it to carpool on time. It’s like my favorite thing in the world.
    I’m also thankful for Wendy’s because I can have 1/2 a BLT salad with a full packet of their avocado dressing for only 8 Weight Watcher points. YES!! –Lisa

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