Shameless Sharing…of Me.

Ever want to get even MORE of My Special Kind of Crazy??

You can find me here (and by here I mean on this blog page you are on right now) and go over to the right hand side and click on the button that says “Join the Crazy!”. It’s right there….on the right. Yep….nope, a little lower…nope, you passed it…up a bit. YES, right there.

While I LOVE that you come to my blog from my FB page (which you can get to HERE), it makes me a very happy writer to have you follow my blog. So for all of you that just started following me, THANK YOU.

Not enough for you? I’m also over on Twitter HERE.

Yep, and you can find me on Instagram HERE.

Oh, and I sometimes post on Pinterest. Mostly food. You can find my Pinterest boards HERE.

Don’t worry- I don’t post or tweet a bazillion times a day where you’d start to pull your hair out screaming “I don’t want to know what she had for dinner and what her daughter’s poop looked like!”.

I post 2-3 times a week over on my blog during the week. I do not typically post on weekends because I am spending time with the kiddo’s and Pi. I tend to be more active on Twitter and Instagram on the weekend, because that’s about all the time I have before one the the kids finds the Halloween candy stash or makes a mad dash (or slowish crawl) up the stairs.

In the 8 months since I’ve started this blog I’ve had a lot of fun sharing my crazy family moments and I look forward to sharing even more. Now that Noggin is starting to talk (well, she says “dog” over and over again) and is close to wrecking havoc in the house starting to walk and Sweets is starting to show some real personality, I am sure they will keep me stocked with stories to tell.

And to mom- most of the posts will probably be what I already told you in our Sunday morning conversations. But keep following me anyways. And stop telling me about my typos….I KNOW!!!! ARRGGGH!

Have a great crazy day!


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