Who Needs Sleep?

Who need’s sleep? Well you’re never gonna get it. Who needs sleep? Tell me, what’s that for?

Who Needs Sleep? by the Barenaked Ladies is like every parents theme song. Once you have kids, sleep is as elusive as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.

This past weekend facebook and twitter blew up with posts about sleep and Daylight Savings time.. My friends used to talk about staying out an extra hour at the bars and/or sleeping in extra in the morning after being out an extra hour at said bars.

Not anymore. Day Light Savings time now, for all of us that are now parents, is like April Fools in November.

It’s Daylight Savings, time to turn the clocks back. YOU GET AN EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP!

HAHAHA! But not for you parents! You just get an extra hour of trying to keep your kids busy and then for the next 2 weeks your bundles of joy will continue to try and “adjust” to the time change by getting up at 5am and refusing to go to bed at night!

Sleep at my house is a pot shot. Both girls started sleeping through the night relatively early. That’s right, sleeping through the night. I got 6+ hours of uninterrupted sleep. Glorious. But before you get all irate and talking smack about my sleep bragging, it is not all counting sheep and dreamland over here.

I’ve talked about my Nap Envy/ because my daughter stopped napping way too early. She may have slept through the night, but gone were my days of watching the cooking channel and reading US Weekly for a solid 2 hours on the weekend. Over at Naps Happen/ there are awesome pics of kids sleeping in all kinds of wacky positions and places….in the middle of the stairs, on top of the dog, in the middle of a sidewalk. I was so excited to get those funny pictures and video’s of my kids falling asleep mid-play. But no. I get my kids napping…..never. They strangest place they have fallen asleep….their bed. At night. Which is more “going to bed” than “taking a nap”.  What fun is that?

Noggin does have a good “sleep eat” once in a while. Which is just way too cute.

As for that “sleep through the night” thing? Well, that came to screeching halt. I’ve previously written about all the reasons Sweets has had for waking me up in the middle of the night. She is also the Queen of trying to negotiate a later bedtime.

So I had no reason to believe that turning the clocks back would be anything other than me getting up early and having an epic battle then trying to get her to sleep.

Sure enough, at 6:15am I hear Noggin carrying on in her crib. Not unhappy, not crying- just making an unbelievable amount of happy to be awake noise.

And then I hear this:

“Shh! Noggin, Mommy gets extra time to sleep today!”

Awww. I just fell in love all over again with Sweets. She sang to Noggin, gave her toys, and kept her happy until 7am when I went in to get them up. I could not have been a happier- or more surprised!- mommy.

Of course I didn’t sleep during that extra 45 minutes. I actually turned up the monitor to hear better how cute as all get out Sweets was being.

So much for sleep. Who needs it anyways?

Have a great crazy day!!!


2 thoughts on “Who Needs Sleep?

  1. That is the sweetest thing! We recently moved into a smaller house so my 15 month old (who has slept through the night since 2 months old) has to share a room with us. Yeah…he now wakes up multiple times a night because he lost a paci, wants to be held, or hears mommy and daddy moving in bed.

    • Ha! When we have to share a room with the youngest we always remind each other “remember, don’t make eye contact! DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT!” and we hide under the covers so she won’t know we’re awake…

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