Friday’s Photo Finish: Tutu’s and Frog Puppets

It was a Tutu frog puppet kind of play date

It was a Tutu frog puppet kind of play date

Sweets has a friend that whenever she comes over and they disappear upstairs, you never really know how they are going to look when they reappear downstairs or what the room is going to look like in the wake of their “we won’t make a mess!” promises. They never fail to amuse with their get ups.

And it never fails that there is a large amount of cleaning up to do afterwards.

But you know what? If having to put away every article of clothing after they have played relatively nicely for over an hour, giving me time to indulge in a glass of wine and web surfing, is the price I need to pay, it is worth it.

Let your kids play uninterrupted. Let them be free of the constant “no’s” and “stop that’s”.

Let them play and pretend and create and imagine. If that results in every book being pulled of the shelf, every dress item out of the play bin and every block all over the floor, so be it.

Let them come downstairs and have a snack wearing nothing but tutu’s and frog puppets!

Let them dance around waving magic wands and sing into annoying as all get out Dora microphones!

Let them pretend to be babies and crawl backwards up the stairs!

Let them draw with their princess chapsticks all over the dressers…wait, okay, NOT that….

Let them run outside and pick flower petals off the neighbors flowers and sprinkle them all over the sidewalk in their tutu’s…hold on…no…they can’t do that either.

“Come back inside…NOW…you need to wear pants outside!”

Let them sprinkle glitter all over the floor to eat up the lava alligators…jeezus loueezus…they can’t do that either…the little one will lick it up and choke or something and we’ll be sweeping up glitter for a year!

“Put that away….stop making such a mess!”

Ugh, now I’ve got to put my wine down, log off facebook and make sure I don’t have naked kids running through the neighborhood….so much for uninterrupted play (and wine drinking)!

Have a great crazy day!


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