Friday’s Photo Finish

There are ghosts in the kitchen! Oh, just Noggin!

There are ghosts in the kitchen! Oh, just Noggin!

I love the fall season. Not just for the Pumpkick Ale and Oktoberfest beers now in a store near you.

I love the celebrations. I love the sports. I love the traditions.

And while I love the celebrations and I embrace the spirit of them, I am not all that great at preparing for them.

That dishrag “ghost” costume above? That just may be Noggin’s actual costume. When Sweets found her Tigger costume from last year and wants to be Tigger AGAIN this year….I did a little happy dance that I would not need to navigate the aisles of Halloween costumes with around 200,000 other Target customers.

If you tell me there are cute costumes I could make myself, just look back up at the dishrag ghost costume again. THAT is about the extent of my costume making expertise.

We always do the requisite holiday activities- go to the pumpkin patch, carve jack o’lanterns, go trick or treating…you will not find my house decked out in seasonal decorations. I mean, there will be some random holiday related thigns strewn about…some ghost coasters, a sign that says “boo”. But it really just looks like someone haphazardly tossed a few things around that happened to be Halloween related. And chances are it may still be out from LAST year. Which makes it odd for other holiday’s…like why are there orange and black ghost coasters on the Christmas holiday table?

Why? Because getting out the red and green coasters would mean a trip to storage and while we PLANNED on going around 5 different times, there were around 5 different times where those plans got debunked. SO- ghost coasters for Christmas it is!

One day I will get my act together and you will walk into my house and it will be decorated to the HILT a la¬†Martha Stewart and you’ll be amazed! It may be decorated to the HILT with Christmas decorations on Easter, but hey, if I get my act together enough to have my house look anything close to something that would be in a Martha Stewart magazine, those decorations are staying up for a long time!


Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo Finish

  1. My daughter wanted to be a panda for three years in a row. It was HEAVEN I tell you!! As my kids have gotten older, I’ve been less and less fantastic about my holiday decorating. It’s too bad because my 10 year old REALLY enjoys that stuff. I guess it’s time to break out the Halloween yard decorations, isn’t it. Ugh. –Lisa

    • I am all for recycling costumes! We did some Halloween decoration shopping this weekend but they all somehow ended up in Sweets’ room….why she wants to sleep with creepy spiders is beyond me!

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