Friday’s Photo Finish: Home Alone

My Weekend Companion

My Weekend Companion

I am home alone. Well, I have my hairball companion, who gladly took up residence on Pi’s side of the bed.

That’s right. HOME. ALONE.

Pi took the girls to see his family up in Rhode Island this weekend. They left yesterday afternoon, stopped to stay in a hotel last night, and will arrive in RI this afternoon.

And to answer the questions in your head:

“Yes, he took them by himself”

“No, I am not worried.”

“They will use the family restroom.”

“Yes, I am going to drink copious amounts of wine this weekend.”

But really, I have had a lot of incredulous expressions and “what?! By himself?!”

I am pretty sure if it was me taking the girls by myself on a trip I’d not get that response. Because I’m the mom. And apparently mom’s are more capable of taking care of their kids than dads. Which is a crock.

I am willing to bet that if ANY dad is tasked with taking care of their kids for the weekend they would be fine. Okay, the KIDS would be fine, not so sure about the dad.

The thing is, he’s their dad. He’s going to do whatever he needs to do. He knows his kids, knows how to take care of them, and no I do not leave him a list of instructions.

Will he do things exactly the way I do them? No. And that’s okay.

You know why I don’t leave instructions? Because that would be insulting. At least in our situation. He would be all “what, you think I don’t know my kids???”

He’s not a babysitter that needs to know the in’s and out’s and their likes and dislikes. He already knows because he is the dad. He is their parent. He is the other have of the team that makes up our parenting duo.

And the other reason I am not leaving him instructions? Because he is taking them FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND and he can do whatever he wants while I am HOME. ALONE. and drinking wine with my mom.

Pi rocks in the dad category. Of THAT I am certain.

Have a great crazy weekend!


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo Finish: Home Alone

  1. I HATE when people ask if Blaine is babysitting! They are his kids of course he is not babysitting. He is their DAD!!!!

    • I know, right?? I always say, “No, he’s parenting.”
      I mean, perhaps his parenting is questionable, but it’s parenting nonetheless! 😉

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