What Your Kids’ Forts Say About You As A Parent

Remember forts? On rainy days you’d get out the sheets and string them up and play all day in your castle or tower or fairy tree or whatever your imagination told you your leftover blanket sheet combo construction was.

It was awesome. No matter what you were doing, if it was in a fort, it was more fun.

Coloring? More fun in a fort.

Playing with lego’s? More fun in a fort.

Poking each other’s eyes out? More fun in a fort and no one can see you and know who is to blame. You could beat the crap out of each other in there.

Lately Sweets has been all about building a fort in the living room on the couch. But I am not sure “fort” is even what it can be called. What do you think?

Blanket over couch = fort

Blanket over couch = fort

in fort

Curling up underneath the “roof” is about the only thing that can be done. Loads of fun, right??

Pretty pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, she plays in there- or actually just hides or lays under there because there isn’t much room to do much else- for hours. Essentially she is laying under a blanket on the couch. It is just one step above taking a nap.

But she loves it.

I looked on Pinterest to get some fort ideas….and yes, I hear your collective “Nooooo! Don’t do it!”- but it is too late- and now I am feeling like I am on the bottom rung of fort makers.

This is what I think forts say about you as a parent.

camo background

1. The OVER THE TOP fort parents.

For ye landlubbers who always wanted to be a pirate

You go BIG. You are the family on the block with Christmas Decorations going up right after labor day and have the haunted house and corn maze in the backyard at Halloween and dress up in matching costumes. You are the family we hear ALL. ABOUT. and all the cool ways you celebrate stuff.  That pirate ship is awesome….until they are teens and while you’re bragging about how they’ve used it for YEARS they are actually now using it as a place to drink and have sex.

2. The LIVE IN THE MOMENT fort parents.

Kids fort, kids room idea

You know what your kids like and you decorate their rooms accordingly- they love space? A rocket ship fort bed for them! Fairy obsessed? A fairy wonderland mural covers the walls. Their rooms are loads of fun.  Who wouldn’t want the awesome themed room? I’ll tell you who, teenagers. What you all didn’t plan for is in a couple of years when they get a bit older and outgrow stuffed monkeys and fake palm trees. Now you need to redecorate because instead of spending all their time in their room, freeing up the remote, they are now parked on the sofa in the living room and no more Dance Moms for you! No worries, just dip into the college funds!

3. The PERFECTLY WHIMSICAL fort parents.

Completed fort

You have 300 boards on Pinterest and have matching lamp shades on side tables, different door wreaths for each holiday and change the place settings on your dining room table with the change of the weather. You subscribe to Real Simple and Martha Stewart’s LIVING magazines. Many moms just stopped reading at the beginning of this paragraph because they were uncertain what a dining room table was, it’s been so long since they’ve seen one through piles of mail, homework and unfolded laundry.

4.The BASIC DUCT TAPE AND BOX fort parent.

Make a kids fort from a cardboard box >> http://blog.diynetwork.com/maderemade/how-to/make-a-weatherproof-cardboard-box-fort?soc=pinterest

Nothing a kid loves more than a box to play in, right? Just cut out some holes, get some duct tape and VOILA! Fort! Actually, you guys live by duct tape. It is currently keeping your a/c, refrigerator and car running. Duct tape is the staple of your fix-it-kit. With all the fun patterned ones now, you can even include interior decorating! Oh, the potential!

5. The McGyver fort parent.

Kids fort made out of empty plastic milk jugs that are hot glued together...

There is NOTHING you can’t make with a glue gun! Recycling is your family way of life.  Homework assignment includes a diaorama? Bring it on- you have 100’s of shoe box containers! You can jimmy rig just about anything and have a craft kit taken straight from the recycle bin.


Build a fort with your kids!

You are all about turning any part of the house into a fort.  When people come over and there are unfolded sheets/blankets/clothes all over the house you just say “my kids were making a fort” when actually it was your laundry. Unexpected company? Throw a sheet over the mess, “fort”.

7. The NATURE IS YOUR FORT parents.

kids fort!

You believe in the value of spending time in nature. Or you are a family of beavers.

Have any pictures of your kids forts? I would love to see them! Just post them onto my Facebook Page. What? You didn’t know I had a Facebook Page? Click on My Special Kind of Crazy to take you there!

Have a great crazy day!

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4 thoughts on “What Your Kids’ Forts Say About You As A Parent

  1. Isn’t it great how kids just instinctually do the blanket, pillow fort thing all throughout the generations? Probably starting in caveman days. lol “Look Dad! I got some big leaves and sticks…” We had one of those little pop up tents in our family room for a while but the dogs kind of took it over. That McGyver fort is hysterical!

    • I know, right? It’s instinctual I suppose. Hide from your parents. We’ve now graduated to a sheet hanging from the fireplace mantle to the bookshelves so she has an actual corner to call her own. It’s often invaded by her sister, but it works and we can now sit on the sofa!

  2. Reblogged this on My Special Kind of Crazy and commented:

    When we used to spend the summer at the beach, we would make these tiny forts out of fold up lounge chairs. You literally only had room to sit. But we’d set them up in our courtyard so we thought we were being all Man v. Wild. Now that we’re moving and will have a plethora (LOVE that word!) of boxes, I’m going to get my McGyver on and get some forts going!

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