Weekend in Review: Nothing Special Was Planned, Which Made it Special

We had no plans this weekend. Just the family, hanging out. No where to be at any given time, on our own schedule. No rushing. No hurrying.

No walking out the door, then walking back in the door to get forgotten item.

Repeat times 5.

So nothing special was going on this weekend, which is what made the weekend so special. We could do what we wanted, when we wanted, for as long as we wanted.

And still our day was chock full of going places and doing things.

1. We went to the park.

2. Climbed a tree.

3. Ate some dirt while watching sister climb a tree.

4. I “watched Sweets do this!” 1,000 times.

5. Sweets painted a masterpiece, created a shape mobile and made a bead bracelet. Thank you kiwi crate!/

6. Read books. Especially the 2 annoying ones that mommy and daddy have now hid.

7. Made a card for a missed friend that moved recently.

8. Rode bikes. Rode scooters.

9. Went to a community festival.

10. Pet a pig. Hit a pig.

11. Had a lobster roll (mommy).

12. Ate ice cream and had it dripping off chins (Sweets).

13. Cuddled on the couch.

14. Helped make dinner.

15. Grilled out on the patio.

That’s a lot of doing for a “nothing special planned” weekend!

Noggin did her thing of looking cute, following Sweets around and wrecking whatever activity it was Sweets was currently working on. Sweets does not find it endearing that her sister is so enamored of her and keeps telling her “stop treating me like a toy!’ and then giving her something small and carrying a high choking risk to play with. Then Sweets would go back to her “arts and crafting”.

Art time

Of course, out of ALL the awesome toys Noggin has to play with, this weekend she chose a little pink sock (which of course was her sisters). Which reminded me of one of my favorite cartoons, Mutts, and the main cat character Mooch’s love for its little pink sock. So I took lots of pictures of Noggin carrying around this pink dirty sock. Because cute.little pink sock

So. Nothing special was planned, which means I got a lot of one on one time with my girls. And THAT is pretty special.

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review: Nothing Special Was Planned, Which Made it Special

  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE a weekend like this!! Unfortunately they are too few and far between, but that just makes them all the more sweeter when they do happen. So glad you had a “special because nothing was planned” weekend! –Lisa

    • This is also the “before we have soccer and swimming and ballet and music and 900 birthday parties” year of pre-k 4. I am savoring them while they last! Thanks for the love Dose Girl!

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