Weekend in Review: How We Ate Our Way Through My Mom’s Birthday

My Mom Rockin' 70 (with flowers I sent as a surprise to her bday luncheon with friends...more daughter points)

My Mom Rockin’ 70
(with flowers I sent as a surprise to her bday luncheon with friends…more daughter points)

My mom and I like to hang out. Well, when I was a teenager I am pretty sure I didn’t want to hang out with her because she didn’t let me have beer and she didn’t want to hang out with me because I was just a big pain in the ass. Seriously, I’m not quite sure how I made it through High School because any other sane parent would have killed me.

But now, well, now we like to hang out. And eat. And drink. Not really beer, but lots of wine. Even a shot here and there. And eat. And then we’ll have a snack. Then it’s time for dinner.

My mom is an awesome cook, loves to cook huge wonderful meals and loves nothing more than a good restaurant. When I was younger her and my dad were part of a “Gourmet Club” where they would get together with their friends and have a themed meal at someone’s house. Which, I am just now figuring, was really them having an excuse for getting together with friends and drinking lots of wine.

My mom and I have traveled quite extensively together (to Paris for 2 weeks, a 3 week 7,500 mile trek cross country and back) and all her plans revolve around restaurants. As soon as she knows where we are going she starts researching restaurants. Around 6 months before our trip she has reservations at all her favorite picks and I am still all “when are we going again?”

And did I mention I was always really broke so if she wanted me to travel with her she’d need to pay? Yeah. I have had my fair share of awesome free meals from that great woman.

So, this weekend, it was my turn.

My mom’s 70th birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something special. Something more special than just a card. 70 is a milestone! And let me tell you, she is rockin’ this milestone.

There is a fabulous restaurant, Blue Duck Tavern, that my mom has always wanted to try. I have been there for an anniversary with my husband and more recently to a bridal shower, which was held in a semi-private room at the Chef’s Table.

I decided that getting my mom’s friends together for a surprise luncheon (well, not a real surprise because someone once told me you should never have a surprise party for anyone over 65…don’t want the guest of honor to keel over from shock at a roomful of people screaming “surprise”) would be perfect.

So this past weekend I pulled off some great detective work, got the contact info for a bunch of her best friends and surprised her with her birthday luncheon at the Chef’s Table at Blue Duck Tavern.

Let me tell you, it was AWESOME. She was so excited and so surprised and completely bowled over by the spectacular food. I must say, I garnered some pretty good “daughter points” for this. Good thing The Optimist sent some fabulous bottles of champagne or else she may have even forgotten she even HAD a son.

The service was impeccable- they do a great job of making sure everything runs smoothly and the guests feel special. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. And did I mention the FOOD? How SPECTACULAR it was? I tried to take some food porn pictures, but these ladies were like wolves attacking the table…I don’t think pictures of empty plates would do them justice. By the dessert course though we had slowed to more sloth like movements, with a food coma setting in, and I was able to get pictures of the crème brulee and chocolate cake. OMG.

brulee cake and ice cream

I am glad that I am now at a stage in my life where I can do special things for my mom. It made me feel very good that I could give her a celebration worthy of all the wonderful things she has done for me over the years. I told her not to get used to this type of celebration though, but if she makes it another 70 years give me a call and we’ll make reservations at BDT again. 🙂

Have a great crazy day!

This glowing review of Blue Duck Tavern is my own. I was not asked to write about them. I highly recommend them for any celebration or if you just want to treat yourself to an awesome meal. See their website at www.blueducktavern.com to make reservations.

with mom on bday with MEF with MEF and SuziLadies at BDT


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