Weekend in Review. Scratch That…Counting My Monday Blessings.

I had a post all ready for today for my Weekend in Review, but then all hell broke loose in my neighborhood.

I live approximately 2 miles from the Navy Yard in DC. THAT Navy Yard, the one that is on all the news channels because some crazy lunatic went guns blazing into the building.

I work in a school that while not in lockdown, was still taking precautions and keeping kids indoors.

I, along with the rest of DC and the nation, was glued to the news to see the latest updates on the situation.

12 dead. One shooter still on the loose.

Senate is on lockdown. Capitol building as well.

Nationals/Braves game cancelled for this evening.

All of these places are “up the street” from my home. All of these places are on lockdown because a shooter is still on the loose.

In my neighborhood. Because DC is my neighborhood.

We play at Yards Park next to the Navy Yard. We walk through the grounds of the Capitol, Senate and House buildings. I drive by the Navy Yard often.

These places are not just known to me in pictures- I am here.

I am here, in the neighborhood, where there is a shooter on the loose.

But I am still here, unlike the 12 that went to work this morning, another Monday, after a brilliantly beautiful weekend.

I am counting my blessings on this Monday. When I am able to get home, I am kissing and hugging my loves.

Count your blessings my friends. Hug your loves.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review. Scratch That…Counting My Monday Blessings.

    • Thanks Dose Girl. Fortunately there wasn’t a 2nd shooter after all. But 12 families are changed forever after yesterday. While it was scary for me, it is a nightmare for them. Can’t imagine.

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