A New September 11

Observation Deck of Twin Tower

Observation Deck of Twin Tower

Many years ago, in a world that seems very far away, I went to NYC with my Cross Country team to run in a 10K. Accompanied by our track coach and a parent volunteer, around 15 of us piled in vans and made the road trip to NYC.

This was my first time in NYC. We had all the requisite plans- go to Central Park, go to Times Square and buy junk jewelry from the street stands, see the Empire State Building…..and go to the top of the World Trade Center.

The skyline is now very different. Every time I look at the current skyline I will forever remember the skyline as it was, with the Twin Towers as the focal point.

When my daughter looks at the NYC skyline, she’ll never have known any different.

When a 17 year old these days looks at the NYC skyline, they will barely remember- if they had seen it to begin with other than in pictures- what it used to look like.

Families of loved ones lost on that day, in those towers, in those planes, will never forget the NYC skyline as it stood when their loved ones were still with them. 9-11 will forever hold a memory of grief as they will forever remember and continue to mourn their loss.

But I am hoping also, that 9-11 will start to hold memories of hope, rebirth, new beginnings, and joy.

Actually, I know they will. While we must always remember that day and what occurred, we must always look to creating new memories.

Today, two of my best friends will welcome their little boy into this world. A world that, while very different from the one back on 9-11-01, is still a world that is full of joy, full of wonder, full of love.

9-11 will, for them, be one of the happiest days of their lives. For them, for their family. Many people have been born on 9-11 since that fateful day, and we celebrate their beginnings.

9-11 will be for celebrating. We will celebrate our servicemen and women as they fight to protect us. We will celebrate our firemen and police officers as they continue to face danger to keep us safe.

We will celebrate the lives of our children, on a day that we also remember those we lost.

Today is a day for celebrating. And remembering.

Never forget.


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