A Little Sass Never Hurt Anybody…

One moment I thought to myself, “Oh, that girl is sassy! We’re going to need to watch her!”

Then I stopped and thought, “Wait. That girl of mine just advocated for herself. Not too shabby.”

See, Sweets knows how to write her name. She can spell her first name AND her last name, which itself is 10 letters long. She is very proud of that.

The first day of school, her new classroom had a sign in sheet and below each of the students first and last names were spaces for them to write their names.

But they had “bubble letters” in them.

The purpose, the teacher told me, was to assess how well they could write their name.

Okay, so I bit my educator tongue to keep from my typical rant about how tracing does not teach one how to write your name. But it was hard because BUBBLE letters? Sweets started coloring in the bubbles- remember, coloring in the lines is her area of specialty-  instead of forming each letter within the bubble letter (oh my god my tongue!).

Teacher: “Does she know how to write her name?”

Me: “Yes. She’s confused because she thinks she should be coloring in the bubble letters, like in a coloring book.”

Teacher: “Well, I try in the beginning of the school year to assess how well they write their name.”

Me, trying my best to keep my educator side contained: “But then wouldn’t you just give them a blank space with the model?” OR TALK TO THE TEACHER SHE HAD LAST YEAR THAT IS RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS??

Teacher: “Well, when I see how well they do I can make adjustments.”

And that is when my tongue fell out of my mouth and dropped to the floor from being bit off.

Anyways, aside from the fact that I knew Sweets could write her name, she knew that she could write her name without those silly bubble letters.

So one evening she told us she didn’t want the bubble letters anymore. Pi told her she would need to tell her teacher. The next day Sweets walks in, gets shy and asks Pi to tell the teacher for her.

Pi: “No, if YOU don’t want the bubble letters, YOU need to tell your teacher. I can’t make those decisions.”

Sweets then went over and told her teacher “I don’t need those bubble letters, I can write my name by myself because I am 4 and a big girl.”

He gave her a high 5 and told her he’d make the changes and thanked her for helping him know what she needs.

Next day. Sweets walks in the classroom and goes to sign in. She writes her first name (there were no bubble letters) and then when she sees the bubble letters under her last last name she crossed them out, put down the marker and said to Pi, “I told him I didn’t need those”, and walked away without writing her last name.

Sass. AND confident. AND full of self-esteem. AND an advocate for herself.

So. Proud.

Still sassy, but he had it coming (don’t tell her I said that!).

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “A Little Sass Never Hurt Anybody…

  1. I love this! I have two sassy girls myself and while it can drive me absolutely insane sometimes (like when my 7-year old wants to debate my decision making skills), I always try to remind myself that there can never be too many strong, independent women in the world!

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