Never Say Never (To Chickens)

Every couple has their “argument”.

You know, the one you KEEP on having. You’ll start arguing about something else and eventually it will come back to THAT argument.

Most couples argue about money, how to discipline their kids and who gets the control of the TV remote.

We argue about…..chickens.

That’s right, chickens.

Let me take you back to a time when Pi and I were talking about moving and if we wanted to be close in to the city, or further out in a more rural neighborhood.

ME: “I love the city because we can walk everywhere and when it snows they plow our street first and we won’t get stuck in the house with the crazies for 7 days when we get 2 inches of snow”

Pi: “If we live further out we can have a big yard and you can have all the room in the world for your garden”

Me: “OH! I would love a big garden so I’ll get more than 1 tomato a summer. I’m in. And we could have chickens!”

Look at the lovely garden chickens!

Pi: “Um, no. We are NEVER having chickens”

Me: “Never, what do you mean never? You’re not even going to talk to me about this? It won’t even be a discussion? You’re just being all I am the man of the house and we’re never having chickens?”

Pi: “We are never having chickens.”

Me: “Well, I think we need to discuss this more. Chickens could be really awesome and if we are living in a rural neighborhood, we are TOTALLY having chickens.”

This is where he lost the war. Because when you tell me I can NEVER do something, that just makes me want whatever I have been told I can NEVER have or NEVER do that much more.

He lost at NEVER.


Because now, now all I want if we move to a rural neighborhood is chickens. Fresh eggs! They’ll eat the bugs! We can name them and let them roam the house (kidding…sort of)!

We have this argument more frequently than one would think possible for a couple to argue about chickens.

Pi: “What’s for dinner?”

Me: “Veggie frittata. Oh shoot, I’m out of eggs. If we had chickens I could just go out to the backyard. Now I have to send you to the grocery store. Don’t you wish we had chickens?”

Pi: “We are NEVER having chickens.”

Me: “You may want to reconsider because I REALLY like frittatas and that takes a lot of eggs. Think of the money we’ll save!”

Pi: “We are NEVER having chickens.”

Me: “You are just being unreasonable.”

This is an all to common conversation, in different variations.

Yesterday I was drawing with Sweets and she wanted me to draw her a house. So I drew her a nice big house with a nice big yard and a nice big garden and….

…..a chicken coop.

Sweets: “What are those, Mommy?”

Me: “Oh, those are the chickens we are going to have when we move to a bigger house”

Sweets: “Oh! I love chickens! Can we keep them?”

Me: “Yep. Go show your daddy”

Pi, from the other room: “NEVER”

Me, to Sweets when she returns from the other room: “That’s what he thinks.” gigglegiggle.

Garden chicken coop. Sweet, right? Like a condo.

Thing is, if he’d said something like, “you might want to look into that more regarding zoning” or “you may want to rethink that because who would watch them when we’re gone on weekends away?” I would have said, “true”.

But he said “never”.

We are SO having chickens.

He lost at “Never”.

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Have a great crazy day!


7 thoughts on “Never Say Never (To Chickens)

  1. Bwahahahahaha. He totally lost at “never”. Hahahahahaha. I salute you and your future chickens (and I don’t doubt for one minute that you will have them someday!) for this awesome post! 😀 –Lisa

    • When you’re told “never”, doesn’t it immediately elicit an “I must do/have this thing I am told I can never do/have!”? We were driving in the country this weekend and Pi mentioned how he’d love to live out there and I said, “omg we’d have so many eggs” and he just said “never”.
      Going to be a long war…

      • OH- and I can’t believe I forgot this argument, about dead people in the woods. We were driving through the woods once and I said “I bet there’s a dead body in there” and he said “no, there’d never be a dead body in there”.
        So now I am obsessed about finding articles about dead bodies found in the woods. A bit morbid, I know. But again, “never”.

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  3. It’s that line in the sand: “never.” Right there with you.

    My in-laws have chickens and I’ve kind of enjoyed having the fresh eggs, but there’s no way I’m getting put in charge of another living thing around here, so we’ll have to rely on their generosity.

    • There is something to be said for drawing the line at adding another breathing creature to the mix…can’t blame you there!

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