What Good is a 100lb Dog in a Small Townhouse with 2 Kids?

The Shmoople, our 100lb Swiss Mountain Dog, used to be ruler of the roost. Before the littles, the dog hair would go for a couple of days before being swept up into piles of new dogs. Wrestling around and playing in the good sized house was common place. Long walks were great leisure activities.

Now- after the littles’ arrival, things have changed.

Our 100lb dog has been relegated to a literal 2×3 dog bed in the corner of our miniscule house.

Sweeping up hair piles the size of miniature ponies multiple times a day so our littles can play on the floor is accompanied by much cursing.

Those leisurely dog walks are now “c’mon, pee already! Really, it takes you that long to poop? Do you need a newspaper??? HURRY. UP!” quick jaunts around the block. IF she’s lucky.

However, she is the absolute center of Noggin’s universe. Other than her big sister, no one and nothing can make Noggin peal with laughter like The Shmoop. Now that she is crawling, as soon as Noggin is put down she makes a bee-line for the dog. At 100lbs, The Shmoop can pack an unintended wallop with the right move of a paw, so we need to be extra vigilant when they are in the same room together. And since we have one main living space, that is 100% of the time. And did you know there are no websites out there dedicated to babyproofing your dog? Seriously. They just expect you to either 1)supervise your baby around the dog or 2) don’t have a dog.


Noggin is not deterred though, and even after getting pawed clear across the living room floor and being rolled over on, she is still The Shmoop’s #1 fan. Here are Noggin’s top uses for The Shmoop.

1. My Napkin. I can be as messy as I want and she’ll just lick it all up! Daddy shouldn’t be all “stop licking the babies face darn dog!” because can’t he see she is just trying to save him money on paper napkins? And with all the germs the shmoop is putting DIRECTLY INTO MY MOUTH, the exposure is guaranteed to keep me out of the doctors office when I start daycare.

2. A Vacuum. I can throw as many puff treats as I want on the floor and my big doggy will just lick it right up! No need to sweep- AGAIN- daddy! She is just a time saver!

3. To help me stand up. I mean, she’s so big, all I need to do is grab a big handful of fur and hoist myself right up! Okay, sure, her big paw has certainly launched me across the living room floor a few times….I think she was just trying to help me crawl faster…

4. A chew toy. That tail is just made to put in my mouth! Think of the money you’ll save on brightly colored plastic toys! And DEFINITELY no chance of BPA. Fleas, on the other hand….

5. My best friend. Look, see how she adores me? She is my protector, my body guard. Though something needs to be done about those nails….

dog nails

Honestly, regardless of why Pi tries to tell you and no matter how many times he tries to sell her on Ebay, the Shmoop is a great dog. I feel dogs make a family complete. Pi thinks dogs make a family home a complete mess.

Regardless, The Shmoop is part of the family.

doggie bfftail snackbodyguardfirst crawl

Have a great crazy day!!


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