Friday’s Photo Finish: Cheers, Martha

Toast to SJYesterday the world lost a good one. My dear friend Martha lost her 3 year battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

Cancer fucking sucks. It has taken and hurt too many people I am close to.

The picture above was taken at my wedding. Her hand is in there, toasting another dear friend of ours, Sally Jo,  who passed away (from fucking cancer!) the May before my wedding.

The drink we toast with is always Tuaca because Sally Jo chose it. And when Sally Jo chose anything, you always went along. Just trust me on that.

After Sally Jo passed away, Tuaca was always present at engagement parties, weddings, going away parties. There are a few households that when I go there, I KNOW it will be in the liquor cabinet.

Because whenever we get together we’d always toast to Sally Jo….and Sam….and Jimmy….because whenever we get together, we feel them with us.

And THEY are the ones telling us to drink the Tuaca.  I’ve blamed my angels for a few of my grand hangovers!

And now Martha.

So Martha, cheers to you. You will be missed.


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