Weekend in Review and Why Grandparents ROCK

You know the good thing about Camps? They do all the stuff with your kid that you feel you should be doing with them- like parks and hikes and spraygrounds and museums and cultural stuff that look awesome- so that on the weekend you can just hang out on the patio with some coloring books or throw in a movie and NOT feel guilty about it.

So that was Saturday.

Yesterday I got a text from a friend whose parents were out of town and they were taking advantage of the pool. Yes, it is the adults with kids version of throwing a party when your parents go out of town. Instead of them home to beer bottle tops clogging up the garbage disposal, they come home to deflated pool floats and a scattering of towels and mismatched water wings. Perhaps an errant swim diaper.

Given we were making the trek to the suburbs to see my parents anyways, we took full advantage of the pool invite.

pool party

After 2 hours of bliss by the pool, THANK YOU GOOD FRIENDS OF MINE!- we head on over to Grammy and GrandBill’s.

Grammy called me Friday and said GrandBill wanted to see the girls so could we come over for dinner?

Wait…someone else cook dinner and do the dishes?

“What time?” All. Over. That.

But seriously, nothing gives me more joy than seeing Sweets and Noggin with their Grammy and GrandBill. I have such awesome memories of spending time with my grandparents and I always had visions of my kids having the same kind of experiences.

Okay, maybe not the lighting fires in the rock pile in the front yard from trash we collected by the side of the road or having bottle rocket wars….but the “spoil them rotten” kind of experiences. That is why:

With grammy

The Food: My Granny would parade food in front of us from the moment we woke up  and then constantly through the day. Any not just any food, but like ALL THE FOOD we never had at home. My grandfather worked at Pepsi so there was a fridge full of every different kind of Pepsi drink under the sun. It was like soda utopia! Then the cereal cabinet….it was like the sugary cereals aisle in the grocery store…the ones at EYE LEVEL that have all the cartoons on ’em that look SO. GOOD. and mom never let you have. They were all there, for the picking! And throughout the day….finger jello, popcorn balls, cookies, pretzels, crackers…no fruit and veggies here!

Of course after a day or so of soda and snack bingeing we’d be craving something of substance and turn back to eating real food…I find out later it was all a ploy…Grammy’s “reverse psychology” to get us on her good side and then actually having us ON OUR OWN decide to eat a pretty balanced diet for the remainder of vacation.

Pretty sneaky, Granny!

The Toys: Coming into the house on one of our 2 week summer vacation trips there was a roomful of new toys. It was like Toys R Us opened up a new store in the living room. It was AWESOME. We spent the whole day playing with those plastic pieces of stuff that seem so enticing in their plastic bubble protected casings on the store shelf. And after a couple of hours….we were running outside, getting on our bikes, swimming at our aunts house, running through the sprinklers, daring each other to see how close we could come to the hunting dogs cages in the neighbors yard (hey, we were in rural Missouri!). The toys were but a memory and we spent the remainder of our time outside and usually far away from the house…..leaving Grammy and Gramps with the house to themselves….ahhhhh, now I get it. Oh Granny, you were BRILLIANT!!

Rules? What rules? Don’t want a bath? No problem! Take one when you feel like it. Not tired? Okay- stay up all night! Turn the lights out when you go to bed! Anything goes at Grammy and Gramps’. I mean, you did see the part about fires and bottle rocket wars, right? Okay, those are poor examples (hey, no one got an eye out and I only have a small scar from where that one hit my leg). But oh, the taste of freedom, of being allowed to do what you want…no one telling you what to do all the time!

Until you actually WANT someone to make you take a bath because you smell horrible and are itchy; and you are SO TIRED what with all those epic bottle rocket wars and firestarting….you start telling them you are going to bed now.

That’s why grandparents rock. Because they give you great snacks, give you presents and don’t tell you what to do….and they love you with reckless abandon and so treasure the precious moments they have with you that they are truly WITH you- they hug you and kiss you and joke with you and listen to your kooky stories and tickle you until you can barely breathe.

Ah. Nothing like the love from grandparents.

Watching Sweets play soccer and catch with her Grammy and GrandBill make my heart smile and my brain fill with sweet music. I love that they are close enough to get to experience  the joy of being with their grandkids. And that Sweets and Noggin get to experience having whipped cream sprayed straight into their mouths.

And I get to pack the kids up and skip out on doing the dishes. 🙂



Have a great crazy day!


6 thoughts on “Weekend in Review and Why Grandparents ROCK

  1. Oh, you have just hit the nail on the head! There are so many wonderful and life-long memories that kids build with their grandparents. It’s just fantastic. Little did we know as kids how wonderful it is for the parents, too!! 😀 –Lisa

    • yep! When the grandparents ask for the kids, they get dropped off and we skid out of the driveway as quickly as possible. This may be accompanied by maniacal laughter….;)

    • And kids are lucky to have grandparents that spoil them! One thing I am somewhat sad about is that having kids older means I may not have the opportunity to spoil grandkids for very long.

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