A Sleepover And A Daddy’s Fear 10 Years Too Early


There was a sleepover.

Yes, it was Sweets’ 4th birthday and while the sleepover WASN’T the planned celebration, it was the end result. Both local cousins needed to sleep over in order to attend so VOILA. Birthday sleepover.

The birthday celebration was actually at a local park that included a wading pool and fountain…..and before you get all “wow, how cool for a bday party” and want to give me a mommy of the year award, know that this is the 3rd year in a row we’ve celebrated her birthday there. Full disclosure (but I’ll still take the award).

At the park girls will be girls no matter what age and they all took turns breaking off into pairs and mocking/making fun of/torturing the other 2. They did all come together and act in solidarity at one point though.

That would be when my daughter tried to start a brawl.

Yep. A little boy came over and took their beach ball RIGHT OUT OF HER HANDS!

Gasp! You are all thinking: “You go Sweets!”,  “Way to stick up for yourself!” and “where the hell is that boys parents??”.

Before you go any further……the ball was not theirs. The ball was actually his. They just sort of found if and adopted it as theirs and so that, in their 3/4/5 year old minds, made it so.

After the beach ball abduction took place, there were tears from one cousin which made Sweets all up in arms. That little boy happened to be splashing by when Sweets started splashing at him and making, I swear to you, fighting poses. She was GOING AFTER HIM.

What? This from a girl that barely talks in front someone she’s not known for less than 4 years?

So I called her name and gave her a little shake of my head and she turned around. But he started coming back again (dude, learn to recognize when you are in peril!). This time both Sweets and her cousin started going after him. I called Sweets’ name but the other cousin kept going and was about to climb out after him when her dad and I started yelling the only thing that could possibly divert this potential bru-ha-ha.



Back at the house those 2 cousins were thicker than thieves. There was giggling and whispering. I am thinking they are bonding over their shared experience of sticking up for their friend/cousin. So sweet. They are learning the lesson of loyalty. Without the violence.

I fully expected staying up late and giggling and whispering. I was NOT expecting to hear cousin yell down from the top of the stairs:

“I’m dreaming of kissing my boyfriend!”

Pi’s face is all, “WHAT!!!??? They are 4 and 5!! I should have YEARS before I need to start worrying about this?? Could this be any worse?”

And that’s when we hear our Sweets, our just about to turn 4 Sweets,  call down:

“I’m dreaming of kissing my girlfriend!”

I think he got his answer.

Have a great crazy day!


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