I was over “Ma’am”-ed

Okay, I will come clean.

I am NOT 30, despite the fact that I have celebrated my 30th birthday for the past 13 years.

And I’ve got 2 kids. One is almost 4. The other one is 7 months.

Yes, that means I was considered a woman of “advanced maternal age” and a “high-risk” pregnancy. Though both pregnancies were high-risk free.

I am not carded on a regular basis, actually typically only at those establishments that have signs saying, “we card anyone that looks younger than 80 years old.” I love those places.

I am older than my mom was when I told her “you’re old!” for the first time.

I have pre-arthritis.

I have varicose veins.

I get a hangover after 2 glasses of wine.

I go to sleep at 8am whenever possible.

I get it. I am NOT 30 anymore. I am reminded of my waning “youth” every day.

Such as that time at the book store.

Oh, Miss Cashier at the bookstore, I know you were being polite when you said, “Did you find everything you needed ma’am?” It wasn’t the “ma’am” that threw me. It’s not the first time and why should it be- I have a wedding ring on so I am clearly a Mrs. and I have 2 kids with me so I am clearly a mom.

Ma’am is appropriate.

But then you went a little overboard.


“Do you have a member card, Ma’am?”

“Okay Ma’am, your total is (way too much) Ma’am”

“Ma’am, would you like the receipt in the bag, Ma’am?”

“Thank you Ma’am, have a nice day Ma’am.”

WELL. Calling me Ma’am over a half dozen times in the span of 45 seconds pretty much ensured I’d be in a foul mood for at least the next hour.


“Mommy, you are my best friend.”

“Mommy, let’s go play!”

“Mommy, I made you a drawing!”

“Mommy, can I have a hug?”

Oh, kids. They make you feel young. They make you play and sing and dance and tell jokes and read books and create stories and make funny faces.

Kids make you feel young because to be with kids you need to act young.

So, I’ll take the Ma’am, followed by a big dose of “Mommy”.

Anything making you feel old these days?

Have a great crazy day!

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A Mother Life


4 thoughts on “I was over “Ma’am”-ed

    • Ha! I sometimes STILL don’t respond when someone calls me Mrs. My Last Name! I sometimes am in disbelief that I am a Mrs. and a mom. Because, you know, old. 😉

  1. I laughed at your post until I remembered an incident from last week. Now I know I am not young…..but. I was at the Dollar Sore last week buying Mom few trinkets for her purse. We started to chat and I mentioned Mom was 95. She said ” yeah I’ll be taking care of my Mom in a few years. ” I asked how old she was. 65!!!!!!!!!!. I turned 64 on 4th of July. I’m glad I wasn’t buying Mother a knife. J

  2. All customer service professionals should call us “Miss.” I don’t care how old we look. I tip extra for it. And, yeah, I can’t stand being called “Mrs. MyLastName” because, well, mother-in-law.

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