I Won The Lottery! No Bull! Well, maybe one…

Okay, I didn’t win the money kind of lottery, but I definitely won the mommy lottery and I am GOING AWAY TO THE BEACH BY MYSELF this weekend!

Okay, there will probably be lots of people at the beach, but I am going with NO kids, NO dog, NO husband. That is right:


I might read a book.

I might sleep in…wait, “might” doesn’t belong in that sentence.

I might have a few more glasses of wine than typical.

I will eat dinner without having to wait on any pint sized persons.

I will sit on the beach, reading a book, drinking an adult beverage and perhaps will then take a nap. On the beach. Because I don’t have to be all vigilant making sure my pint sized persons are not drowning or otherwise getting in harms way.

I am going to RE-LAX.

Sounds delicious, right?

I am also going to run with a bull.

“What?!” you are asking?

That’s right- I am going to do this:

The Bull is actually 2 people in a bull costume. The people in the Bull are actual friends of mine. Yes, it is ridiculous. But a fun ridiculous.

Umpteen years ago my Dewey Beach House decided to recreate the Running of the Bulls in San Fermin to the Running of the Bull (singular) in Dewey Beach, DE.

It has gone from 20 people running down the beach getting chased by 2 guys in a bull costume with people starting at us like we are crazy to having 2 guys in a bull costume chase 2,000 people down the beach with people looking at us like we are crazy. It has grown to having Red Bull sponsor and The Sports Junkies broadcast from the Starboard parking lot. The Mayor of Dewey attends. The road is SHUT DOWN.

And then HUNDREDS of people run down the beach, chased by a Bull.

It wouldn’t have grown this big if it weren’t for this guy:

Yep. It all started with Michael McDonnell and a drunken brilliant idea with 2 of his buddies.

It has grown with the support of insane Monty from the Starboard.

It has raised over $45,000 $85,000 for the local fire department in Rehoboth.

It has become a family tradition because all of us that did this in our early 30’s now have kids.

Running of the Bull, kid friendly.

Sweets and Jumpin Jack Flash Bull Run Beginners and the awesome Kaitie Conway, who has started the Bull Run for Kids that starts earlier in the morning.


Sure, you can grow up and have kids. But the best thing about kids is that they like to have fun and be silly. And what could be more fun and silly than having 2 guys in a bull costume chase you down the beach?

Everyone have a great crazy weekend! Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole!


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